Friday, December 7, 2012

December 7, 2012 (last letter)

I would love to just start by saying thank you to all of you who have stuck by me through these 2 years. I want to thank you for all the letters, emails, and reminders that i have received from all of you! Thank you for all the packages that were filled with more than just candies and missionary stuff but love. I have no way to show you all  how appreciative i am of each and every one of you. I pray that you can feel my love and gratefulness. 

 I can hardly believe that i have gotten to this point. I don't even know where to start. I can remember clearly the first email that i sent home when i entered to the MTC. I only had 30 minutes to write so i always wrote what i wanted to say down on paper first and than typed it out.  I remember getting daily letters from you mom and ash .. i was known as the "most loved" in my district ha. I can still remember the food, my teachers, and all the good friendships that i made in the MTC. I grew to have a testimony of the sacredness of this work in those halls and classrooms. How i loved and am thankful for the MTC! In those 9 weeks i learned a lot about my Savior but  where i learned the most about my Savior has been in the Savior´s mission, a Missão Brasil Salvador. 

As i have served these 2 years  i have learned so much about myself and about my Heavenly Father. Some things were harder than others but every single experience helped me to be better and to learn and to grow.  But in this I am certain, no matter where i was or what i was doing, or who my companion was i have never walked alone in this mission. As i worked with all my heart, mind, and strength, in this choice place, i have never been so blessed. I have learned so much about what the Savior did for me and what He can do for anyone and everyone. 

This mission was never about me but about Him. When I finally understood that, that was when the Lord magnified me in my calling. that was when he trusted me with Heavenly Father´s children.  He is the fountain of our power in this holy calling. It's the Savior that makes all the difference. It's him that changes lives, and it's him that gives people a reason to live. And as i strived to help people to come to know the savior and make them candidates of eternal life all along it was really the Lord who was gently and kindly leading me to be what He wanted me to be. This mission about the Savior, has given me the greatest opportunity: to save my own life. 

It was through Him and this mission that i have found myself. 

 As i tried to repay my Heavenly Father for all that He had done for me in these last 25 months, i have come to know that He seems to find pleasure in not letting me catch up to Him. As I have served Him, He has rained blessings down upon me "that there [is] not be room enough to receive [them]."

i love you all and hope that i have made you all proud. 

Elder Brown (for 7 more days)

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