Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 1, 2012

these last few weeks have been really memroble! we have had a good
time. We had a really great present for thanksgiving this year. The
lord was really merciful with me in that he didnt let me eat rice and
beans for thanks giving this year hah. Sister Hart and President
invited us over to have thanksgiving dinner this them and there
family! .. I am soo grateful for sister and her daughter, who was here
visiting, who prepared a huge feast for us! and i am grateful for
president hart who payed 150 dollars on the turkey! .. Yeah that one
hurt the wallet! ha. but it was a thanksgiving that i wont ever
forget! We sat down as a "family" and we had a great dinner. We
laughed and we told jokes and stories. It was a really great time.
Most recently i have been reading about the life of the Savior and how
he ended his mission. i am soo sad to leave this people like im sure
the savior was so sad to leave  His. I dont in any way compare myself
with the King of Kings and dont even have any idea what he passed
through but as i read about his life and how he finished i feel up
lifted and motivated to press forward with perfect faith. I have grown
to know my savior like i could have never imagined. I feel so often
that i was sent to brasil because he knew that this people could teach
me more and help me to know my savior more than any other.
How i love Him.
sorry that i could write so little. but i love you all so much. i miss you.
Elder Brown

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