Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 17th, 2012


hey everyone. I pray that all of you are as well as we are here! We are having a lot of fun and working hard. This week we got to go to a ton of zone meetings with all the elders and that was really fun. I love to see them and i always give every single one of them a hug. I have most recently asked President what i can do better, or who he wants me to be?   I am so grateful for President Hart, he is truly the man inspired of God to guide us here and to help us become who we need to become. 

As we took part in some of the zone meetings, we took the opportunity to say a few things. And if you know me I'm my biggest critic or some of you might say my biggest fan ha. but i was trying to follow the Spirit and share with them what i thought. We bore our testimonies, we encouraged the missionaries and everything was going well but i didn't feel like the messages that we were sharing were the messages that the missionaries needed to hear. Until we got to the last Zone meeting this week and as my companion looked at me and asked me if i wanted to say anything i thought of President and the question that i asked him. Who do you want me to be President? How can i be better? .. And as we arose i could feel a difference in me. I could feel as i was inspired; and what Elder Leite and I shared together to that small group of missionaries was the will of President Hart and the Lord. We exhorted, and pleaded with the missionaries and as we talked to that small group of young, learning missionaries the Spirit burned in our hearts. I love President Hart, he teaches me, he teaches all of us, everyday. 

A little testimony builder:

 Yesterday, we got to a sisters house and the worse thing that could ever happened, happened! .. The sister forgot that she had marked on the calender to feed the missionaries! ha. We, in frank terms, were devastated! ha. And as me and my companion tried to figure out what we were going to eat nothing seemed to right. So we decided that we were just going to work and later we would eat something on the street. So we headed off and as we walked we both thought of a one of our recent converts here in the area and decided to go visit him. As we got there we were well received and the first thing that his grandma asked us was, if we had already ate lunch? we told her, "kind of," and i think she read right through us. ha. She told us to get a plate and eat some of the pasta that was left over from lunch. As we sat down she told us this, "its incredible how we can feel things. Usually, i just enough food for us to eat but today i feel like i needed to make a little more." .. 

I was really grateful for that plate of pasta and even more for the Lord, having touched the heart of one of his special daughters to ease the burden of 2 hungry missionaries trying their best to save their brothers and sisters. 

amo voces!! ..  

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