Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 10, 2012

Heyy everybody, 

 i guess its been awhile since i have written anything! .. But today ill give you guys a good update. So this last 2 weeks have been pretty good. One thing that i will remember for the rest of my mission was the last lesson that Elder Smith and I taught together. I had the privilege to be part of the last lesson that Elder Smith taught in Brasil, unless he taught someone on the plane ha., and how awesome was that lesson. We taught a young man named Jefferson about Repentance and Baptism. We hadn´t taught together for awhile but we did pretty good and the Spirit was there. He was touched and he accepted a baptismal date. It was a good lesson. And in the end he prayed, and in his prayer pleaded with Heavenly Father for him to show him that this is what He wants for him. My eyes filled up with tears. It was a good lesson and a great opportunity to do what i love with one of my best friends. Elder Smith is a great elder, and will always be. 

Another little experience that i really loved ill share with you. We at a members house celebrating his birthday and i remembered that i had marked with a less active lady that very same night and that she was waiting for us. So i told Elder Leite that we need to go and that i remembered this lady. And she lives in a pretty shady neighborhood and it was really far from where we were at that moment. And it seemed like every time we said we had to go to the, "birthday boy," (65 years old) he told us that it was really dangerous to go there at night and his children asked us to stay but i feel really strongly that we need to go. So we got out of there and went flying to the other neighborhood about 20 minutes away. And when we finally got there, the member told us that she was waiting for us and that she had made something for us to eat. We had a great visit. We laughed together and talked about the gospel. We left the home with a word of prayer. And as we got up to leave the home and shook their hands the less active member looked at us and said, "thank you elders." 
This sister has 9 children, and none of them go to church. Her husband has only gone once but doesn't really want to be tied down to one church so he doesn´t want to be baptized. She goes with her grand-daughter or by herself week after week. I am grateful to be a part of this great work. I have finally found the joy of missionary work. I, with 24 months in the mission, have finally found the true happiness and joy of missionary work. Its not about numbers, its not about lessons. Its about what lies behind those, "thank you´s." Its about loving every single person. Its about bringing a little bit of Christ with you everywhere you go so the people can feel that and desire those feelings for a lifetime. 

 the lord loves me, i know that because he allows me, from time to time, to be guided to one of his precious children and to show them how much they mean to the All-Mighty, the Wonderful, even the Eternal Father. 

i love you all, 

 i wish could write you more but i have to go work!!! .. 

 Pray that i can baptize!!!, Fast that i can baptize!!!!, Put my name in the temple so that i can Baptize!! is all that i ask. 

te amo demais!!!! Feliz 2 years haha. 

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