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September 29, 2012

ola familia!! ,,

 Hey everyone, so, I'm sorry that i couldn't  write you last week but we had marked with a member to go see a soccer game with some members and it ended up us not having time to send an email, sorry! But if you wanted to know I'm fine and healthy and doing well. So i guess everyone is kinda wondering what is gonna happen with me in the next month or so, so i guess i better tell ya guys. So i talked to President Hart and we talked about me staying a little longer on the mission and finding a few more people prepared to be baptized and he really liked the idea and was excited that i was willing to do that. He told me that he can without permission from Salt Lake extend my mission at least 30 days and it would end up being like this. If i am allowed to stay i would get home the 13th of December and if Salt Lake doesn´t approve i will be home the 1st of November. So that is kinda the story. I'm pretty sure by Monday i will have a answer from President if i will be able to stay a little longer or not.
But besides that this week was fantastic!!! .. I have really had a bunch of good experiences with the Spirit and the Lord. I have really learned the power of prayer and that we are entitled to any and every gift of the Spirit. I have thought a lot about my patriarchal blessing and some of the promises that it contains. And i have truly tried to perfect and gain these gifts through prayer and fasting. The gift of the Spirit that i have really focused on these days is the gift of love. I have realized how much love is a part of missionary work and i have felt like i have need to love more the people, my investigators and the missionaries. I testify as one of the Lord´s servants that the Lord loves His children. And as we humbly and earnestly seek to develop the gift of love we will lose ourselves in loving the people.
This week i have prayed so much to bless my companion and to help us become as one. I have so many flaws and in spite of the things i say sometimes and the way i act my companion truly has the gift of forgiving me. I love him. Sometimes we get so used to the people closest to us that we forget how much they really mean to us. I have fasted and prayed to love my companion and i feel that my love,like faith, has grown inside me. I need to take care of that love doing the small and simple things to show my appreciation for him and those around me. I have also gained a greater love for our investigators. I have  grown to gain an understanding of how important each and everyone of them is to our Heavenly Father. And as i have loved them and thinking of what i can do to help them, i have gained a greater ability to teach them and help them understand. The work has changed from me changing the way they think or are to how can i love them enough to show them the happiness of following Christ. I am being blessed and i am very grateful.
We will baptize.
I will tell you about the miracle that has happened with these people this next week. Because i will need at least and hour to type out what had happened. But please pray for me to be able to love more people into the kingdom. pray that i can be humble, and teachable. pray that i can be 100 percent focused on baptizing.

I love you,

Elder Brown

L - Learning .. how much Heavenly Father values that person
O - Overcoming .. your pride or whatever holds you back from looking for the good in that person.
V - Volunteering (serving) .. Always
E - Engraving .. your love into the hearts and the minds of the people around you, FOREVER!

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