Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 6, 2012


 So i promised you that i would tell you about something that happened to us this last week. So here we go.

I don't know if you remember the story of Adriana. So I'll remind you a little bit. So one night after teaching a pretty disappointing lesson, disappointing because the man dreamed about his church that he goes to and he felt like that was his answer so we dropped him, i was pretty sad and my companion saw that and told me everything would turn out alright. And we set off to teach a less active family and as we got on their street, my companion felt impressed to knock a door and so we followed his prompting and we knocked. We taught one of the best lessons that we had taught together and the spirit really testified to her that the things we taught were true. After that lesson we were way excited to come back and see how she would progress. And on one division, I was with Elder Smith in my area, we had marked to meet with Adriana and her daughter and as we got there we found the home empty. They had left. So i looked at Elder Smith and we decided to hit the doors around her home to see what would happen. And as we went we talked to a missionary from a different church, we talked to a women from the Catholic Church who would not let us in that day and the next door we hit we talked to a women named Ernestina. She came to the door looked at us and told us that we could talk.   I did the contact at that door and it was surprising easy talk to her and they ended up letting us in. Elder Smith and I taught her the first lesson and we quickly found out that Ernestina had little education. We had to repeat and repeat what we were saying again and again just like this sentence that keeps repeating and repeating  haha. But finally after a hour and a half of teaching she understood and we were felt like we would leave.
We have gone back several times to the home of Adriana but something or someone has gotten into her head and put bad feelings into her heart about the church. But as we continued to go back and teach Ernestina, even though many people have gone to her and talked bad about the church she didn't´t ever listen! .. Even with little education and little talent to read or write she has been able to keep all the commandments, that includes reading the scriptures everyday, and this last week in-spite of all the difficulties that she has passed through decided to follow the Savior by being baptized!
She is soo special to us. We love her so much and want to see her in the temple and the Celestial Kingdom someday! President said something the other day that i had not thought about.  He said that the great mission of the church and Heavenly Father is to seal everyone on the earth together, creating ONE beautiful family. And now Ernestina is one step closer to being part of that family.

The Lord knew that Adriana might not accept the gospel right now but he sent us to find her to teach her so that one day, when she wasn't´t home we could find the one person that was ready and waiting for the good news, Ernestina.

Eu amo Brasil!!! Eu amo o povo Brasileiro!! .. 

amo voces ..

Elder Brownzão

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