Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 25, 2012

o how are things with you?  

Im doing really, really good. Im tired but im happy! .. Im trying my best to help my companion and to baptize. We laugh a lot which makes the time pass by even more quickly ha. but makes for good memories. Elder Leite´s mom sent me a shirt from the Paraíba! I was way surprised and excited to get it! He really does have a nice family. You guys can rest easy knowing that we are working hard and doing our best to bring souls unto Christ.  

Would you remind me again of your companions name?

Elder Leite: from João Pessoa in the Paraíba. He lives about an hour away from the temple in Recife. 
His dad´s name is Adelmar and his mom´s name is Liahona. ha sweet name huh?! ha. He has 4 siblings and he is the oldest of his family and of all the grandchildren in his entire family. 

Have you been traveling a lot?
No, not a ton actual. President and sister have been doing a lot of traveling though. I don't know how they do it. They work so hard and rest so little, President Hart really is a machine. I admire that man so much. 

You healthy? 
Of course! ha. The Lord has really blessed me with great health during my mission. 

You getting plenty to eat?
Yup, I eat a lot! I will really miss the brazilian food!! .. I love beans hahaha. If i go one day without them i pretty much die. ha. The other day, at lunch, i made a plate just of beans and something that we call, Farinha, and hot sauce. Ohh baby! it hit the spot haha. 

Have you used the money that Brother Spencer gave you (100.00) to spend half on yourself something you want to bring back from Brazil and the other 50.00 on someone there in Brazil? 
I really have been looking around to find something that i can do that will really make a difference. And i promise that i will use it well and bless someones life. 

I told the Bishop when you will be home (Dec. 10 or 13)  He would like you to report on Dec. 16 which works out nicely because family will still be here.  Is that ok with you?
thats awesome i would be honored to give a talk. But i can´t garantee that it will all make sense haha. Because i dont speak english anymore, it probably has been a few months that i have really spoken english with someone. ha. ( i talk to sister in a language that i dont even understand ha. Engliuese.)

How do you like to spell Brazil?  Here we spell it Brazil.  But I see there they spell it differently? (Brasil?)
Yup, brasil here is spelled with "s" and not "z." So i use s. 

Anything you need me to send?  More ties?  Candy?  food?  Please let me know!
Ummmmmmmmmm .. maybe something for my companion. He really likes football and he used to play at home football for a team that was pretty good. He brought a football on the mission so maybe something for him would be nice. Im doing great. All my clothes are doing well, my shoes are holding up. 
p.s.: He is a cardinal fan ha. ( He has a Cardinal´s jersey ha.) 

Elder Brown

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