Monday, September 3, 2012

September 1, 2012

Óla Família, 

Hi everyone!  I am once again sitting here in front of the computer thinking and praying to know what i should tell you this week. I was really happy to see all the pictures of the little rug rats ha. I love to see them and how they are growing up so quickly. Paisley had her first day in pre-school who would have ever dreamed that day would come.  I love her so much. Brooklyn got to attend her first birthday party. I am pretty much in awe at the difference in her. She was just so tiny when I left and now a little girl growing up and learning everyday. I don't even want to imagine about Jordyn and Paxton. Wow. ha ha. 
How the time fly's by. But the time never seems to lose a chance to mark our lives. I will remember this time in my life forever. The things i have learned in the last 3 months have really changed my vision!  I have never learned so much in my mission than i am learning now. I am in Alma 19 in my Book of Mormon study and i am reading about Alma and the Sons of Mosiah. The Lord has really wanted me to learn about them and to mimic some, if not all, of their great attributes.The Sons of Mosiah were men of great understanding because they had studied the Word of God but i admire them even more because they 
knew the Word of God. I really love that idea. We have to read, everyday, the Book of Mormon. The Lord has given us this wonderful book to lead us and guide us, lets resolve to read and dedicate ourselves to hear the voice of the Lord in our lives and follow His loving counsel that we find through reading the, "glue," to our religion. 

I say this because this week i had forgotten that the Lord really does know me. I have been reading the book and not getting to know the book. 

My companion (Elder Leite) and I have really been trying to come closer to Christ by reading the Book of Mormon together. We are trying to purify ourselves to be more guided and lead by the Spirit. On Monday we had just got out into the field and we went to teach a man that we had been teaching for a little while and when we got there he told us about a dream that he had about a temple. So obviously my companion and i got really excited, but soon our happiness turned into frustration as he told us that the temple that he saw was the temple that he is going to, or better said his Church. He told us that he didn't want us to really come back and gave us the Book of Mormon back.  We bore our testimonies and we ended the lesson. As we got into the street i was feeling pretty down and my companion saw that in me and told me to cheer up. So we went working. And i still had that lesson in my head and i couldn't  really get back into the groove and was kinda sad as we were walking. And my companion told me that i just need to be happy. And as we walked to visit a less active family my companion knocked a door and we were invited in by a young lady who lives with her daughter. To make a long story short after we taught her she told us she had prayed that same day that the Lord would send to her His servant and we knocked on that door. 

I know that the Lord knows me. I know that He pushes me to my limits! I love Him and i know that He hears my pleas. He is the all merciful and all loving God. And He knows me. 

I love you guys and have a great week. Please pray for Adriana!  

Elder Brown

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