Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 18, 2012

Ola família! This week .. I learned alot. I guess i haven´t had a week like this week in along time. The one thing that stands out more than the rest is what happened when we went to check on the sisters. So we had just done a division with some of the elders in a different city and when we were coming back everything went pretty much wrong. We had to wait along time to catch the bus and the only time that we were able to catch the bus would be during lunch so we would not have time to eat. So we were pretty sad about that ha. But we had to start getting home and we had planned on visiting some of the sisters on the way back to see how they were doing and to see if we could help them with anything and we found out that we had to catch a bus to travel 2 hours to catch another to get to the city were these sisters were and from that city with could be a 3 hour bus ride. So we started off and when we got to the bus station where we need to catch the other bus a companionship of sisters meet us there with something to eat! .. Wow i cant tell how grateful i was for that, (and don't worry mom i said thank you ha.) .. So as we were in the first city and need to travel to the next to see the sisters we found out that the only bus that we could catch to get to the city of these sisters would leave at 2 and get there at 4:30 and the only bus that would leave that city to get us back to Salvador would leave at 6 so we were really thinking if it would be worth it to go. I talk to my companion and we decided that we need to see these sisters but that we would go by car instead of catching a bus. So we found a man to take us and off we went. When we finally got to the city where these sisters lived it was about 3 in the afternoon. The sisters waited us in there church and when we got there the sisters were way excited to see us! ... We went in and stared to talk to them a little to how they were doing and we found out that it had been a really long time since they had received blessings so my companion and i had the immense pleasure to bless these sisters. And as we blessed them the the Spirit was really strong. And we told them in these blessings, as incredible as it might seem, that according to there faith they would see miracles. After we had given these sisters blessing we went out to work and they told us about a young man that they had been teaching that they didn´t know what they could do to close his baptism or help him to understand the importance. We got to this young man´s home and started to talk to him and he we asked him some little questions and he then he told the sisters that he would be baptized Saturday! .. I was awe struck ha. It was a miracle. Then we left teaching this young man and his sister and her friend leaving all of them with dates to be baptized and everyone happy and excited. We kept following the sisters and got to another home with another young man who, sadly, wasn´t there. So i asked the sisters, " is there anyone that you feel that Elder Brown e Elder Leite could help?" and they told us a name. So we went. (Just a little side note- the sisters had found out that the last bus that would leave the city would be a 7.) We got to the home of a older couple about 6 and we started to teach this little family with the sisters. The head of the household has been baptized but his wife has not yet and refused to be baptized for 11 years. We taught with the Spirit and we left that home having marked her baptism for Sunday! .. We got out of there about 6:45 and need to run. So us and the sisters were pretty much running to catch the bus and we got there just in time to catch the bus! .. I'm my mission i have never seen miracles happen how they happened in Santa Antonio de Jesus that day with the sisters. As i talked to my companion, we came to the conclusion that it wasn´t my companion or i who had done anything but it had been the faith of worthy, focused, and dedicated sisters that had lead us to see great miracles in the lives of so many people that day. Faith is real. It is the power to move mountains and more amazingly soften the heart of anyone so that the Spirit can testify. The power of a Priesthood blessing is real. Be prepared to give and receive blessings at any minute! .. i love the work. -- Elder Brown

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