Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 11, 2012

Olá family, I hope that none of you are too mad at me and that you knew that i am healthy and safe. These last weeks have been really rough ones. I have gone on a lot of divisions with the elders and they usually fall on the Saturday which pretty much kills me. And i get caught to much in the week and forget to write. Don't think for one minute that i have forgotten any of you and if you have felt like that please forgive me!! I have really missed you these last few weeks, i have really needed to hear your voices these last 3 weeks. So the transfer has flown by!! Wow, when they say that the last 6 months goes by in a finger snap they were not lying haha. I have never seen the time fly by so quickly. I used to think that there was time for everything but I'm realizing that there is really no time! ha. But we are doing what we can with the time that we have. So this transfer we have gotten a new companion and we are in a trio. It is really strange to be honest ha. But it is working out. Our new companion is Elder Leite! or you can call him Elder Milk ha. He is really cool and we get along really well. He is from João Pessoa and was born in the covenant. He is a newbie in the mission with only 1 year and 3 months but he is really incredible! .. We will see a ton of miracles just because of him. As i have read the book of Mormon with all of you, the book of Mormon has really come alive and powerful in my life. Every time I need help from the Lord i kneel and start to read the book of Mormon and i see the voice of the Lord. I feel his spirit and i feel purified by his endless forgiveness. I can testify that as we pray continually throughout our day we open a link up with our heavenly father and He really does grant us his spirit. He tells me what to say, and where i should go in the scriptures and i know that i am being used as his instrument by the expression of the faces of the people that i teach. I know that he is testifying to all when the silence descends upon us and the burning happens in my heart. I love the savior Jesus Christ. He has become more to me than words on paper but a living, loving, reason to work and to do my best. As you may have realized when i started out in my mission i used to be really hard on myself and expect the to be best. But as i have grown in the mission and as time has gone by i still expect the best of me but for a completely different reason. I strive to do my do my best because the Savior gave his best. He gave me his all. He went to His limit and then because of His love for Elder Jordan André Brown went beyond. He is the Redeemer, He is the Savior. He is Jesus, the Living and Perfect Christ. I love you all more know than i did yesterday. And will love you all more tomorrow than i do today. Elder Brown ..

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