Saturday, August 25, 2012

8/18/12 Q & A

Do you live in or near the mission home?: Well i guess we live reasonably close. President and Sister live in a apartment that is about 30 minutes away from us but we go to the office usually once a week and get to see them there. There apartment is really big and beautiful! .. It is all surrounded by jungle ha. but it is really pretty.
 Is Elder Mota still one of your companions?: yep! he is still is my companion. His parents are coming to get him this next week!! .. they will tour his mission with him and then take him home! .. It is pretty sad. but the mission doesen´t last forever.
 Do you AP's drive a car or depend on public transportation?: Grandma would be really proud of me and maybe even a little jealous because we are always on the bus ha. Good thing she taught me how to love the bus and seeing all the sights! .. And i guess there was a reason that we had to go to Wyoming and i had to learn how to take a bus for hours because sometimes we take the bus for 5, 6, 10 hours ha. Thank you Powell Wyoming ha.
 Do you still get invited to dinner appointments?: We still get to have lunch here in the area! Which i really like because you can still have a good relationship with the members.
 What day is your P-day, still Tuesday?: My p-day is always on Saturday! .. Even if i write or not it should be on the Saturday.
 Do you still have a P-day or do you just work through it?: Yes! But sometimes i go on divisions to help close baptisms and the best day to close a baptism to to not let satan get into the mind of the investigators. Soo sometimes i get to work on my p-day.
 How are the clothes hanging in there?: Mom at this point haha. I don't worry about clothes anymore. I am just grateful that we have a tia that cleans our house and washes our clothes. She is incredible. But i might take out a few dollars maybe a hundred or so to be able to not worry so much. I hope that is okay. (If you need some clothes if there are stores in Salvador just take money out and buy what you need)
 Anything you need or would like us to send you?: ummmmmm ... Ties haah. And if you would like to seen me somethings just send me things that i could give to the members for them to try like American chocolate ha. There is one girl that just talks about that ha. I guess that is really it. Ties!!!!! Stuff to give to the members like candies or beef jerky things like that and did mention Ties!! haha. I just know that the good will has some really good steals ha. Some 40 ties for 10 bucks haha. But mom i have saved the paisleys that i will probably go home with that i really like so you can seen any kind of tie it doesn't have to be paisley necessarily. ( but if there is a really pretty one i wont say no to that ha.) .. Do you know that we love you more than you can even imagine?: I can feel it. And that love combined with the Savior´s is what keeps me moving. -- Elder Brown

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