Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 30, 2012

Ola, Hey mom!! I've been pretty much slacking on the emails for awhile and i want to say sorry for that! But I'm here now and ill make sure to write a good email here. i have one word for you this week, ....... JUAZEIRO. I really cant explain how important or how marking Juazeiro was in my life. I will never forget the feeling of love that radiates from there. Maybe i will forget some names or neighborhoods but i wont ever forget how much everyone there in Juazeiro has done for me. I cant forget. I wont ever forget running in the mornings in that kalu or learning from a sister how to clean the church properly ha. or singing in the choir or the Frations every Sunday night. I love and will always love Juazeiro and i will never forget you. What makes Juazeiro? Juazeiro isn´t the buildings or the trees that its named after but the people that live there. And Ive never met a more wonderful group of saints in any place. They love the church and they would do anything to help the Church grow there in their little city. I am really grateful for their example. And have learned a lot of things having passed in that blessed place. Oh! how i will miss it and my companion Elder Smith. He is a great missionary and doesn´t have any equal. He helped me a ton and i know that the Lord sent him to be my rescue boat. I called him, Kolipoki. ha. But now I'm in a new area with a new companion. And i know that i will love it. I will have special experiences here and i know that i will love the people here also and will have a great opportunity to serve. I am now working in Salvador! I finally get the chance to work in the capital of Bahia. I am way excited and am up for the challenges that working in a big city bring. The Lord protects and blesses His missionaries. This could be my last area .. I don't know how i really feel about that but i will work my tail off until the end like i still have 2 years. My new companion is from São Paulo. His name is Elder Mota. He is incredible. I lived with him in Camaçari, when i was with Hubbard. It was funny how somethings work out huh? He will end his mission this transfer! So i have to learn the area really quickly! But i know that i can and everything will be good or you could just say, "Tudo bem." My area is really big. We have a really big contrast in our area, we have a poor part and on the other side ... an even poorer part. And you are probably saying to yourself how can you have poor and an even poorer part? If you would like to find out come to Pernambués and go out with me and ill show you. We have some good people to teach and i am really excited to see how they will progress. But ill end for now and write more any other day about my area and i will try to tell at least one story per week about what is happening in my area, with me, and my companion. te amo gente, -- Elder Brown

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