Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 19, 2012

Ola, So I'm in a lan house right now getting eatin alive by mosquitoes writing to all of you. I pretty sure that i haven´t gotten dengue yet and i hope that Heavenly Father will spare me for at least one more day! ha. So this week was pretty good! I don't know if I've already told you but we got to go to Salvador to meet some of the family of President Hart and that was way awesome. I got to meet Brody, who is one the 3 sons of President Hart, and his wife, Corin, and his four kids. All of them sing and play instruments and they are super talented. Brody sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Corin plays in the orchestra. It was really a huge blessing, and privilege to see them and get to know them. I think that i grew to love President Hart more after i got to visit with his son and family. Elder Smith and I are working really hard here in Juazeiro. He really is a very hard worker who wants to do the right things. And we are doing pretty much everything that we can to find the people prepared by our Heavenly Father. And the Lord is giving us success. We have found an awesome little family who was prepared long before me or Elder Smith got to their door. It is 2 sisters who we found last Monday. They told us that they were talking about finding a church to join last Sunday and the Lord sent his missionaries to find them. How amazing is the timing of the Lord. How great thou art! I love the Lord and will follow Him where ever He will lead me. This will probably be the last week that Elder Smith and i have together :(. Seeing that i have already been in Juazeiro for 6 months. And I've thought about what i want to leave with these people as my impression. What i can do to honor my Heavenly Father in my actions? .. And i decided that i really just need to do one more thing here to make everything complete. Endure to the End. Enduring to the End is not making it to the finish line, or coasting to the end. But it is growth, improvement and becoming better, stronger. There is 3 main principles to enduring to the end, and they are: Faith, Repentance, and Renewing covenants. Faith the He was, He is, And He is to come. And knowing that i feel the need to become what he sees in me. So i purify my heart and give Him my will. And then i reap the blessings of having made covenants with Lord. I promise that i will Endure to the End. I won't be perfect, but there is nothing that is gonna stop me from trying. I love Elder Smith! .. I love being a missionary. .. I love how i feel. .. Elder Brown

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