Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 21, 2012

Ola, I am way excited to tell you what i learned this week!! it is gonna blow your mind ha. Not really but i think it is pretty cool. So we had a sweet training with presidente and sister! It was way cool and got everyone pumped! It was about personal purification. They told us about a story how a missionary who was invited by a member to teach a lesson to his friend and so they went, they three of them. And as they finished up the discussion with the gator they bore their testimonies about the Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. and then they asked the member if he wanted to say something. And member told his friend, "i know that the prophet Joseph Smith is a prophet and he really did restore the church of Christ here on the earth." and the room filled with the spirit and the members friends started to cry. And as the missionaries and the member left the home and were walking back to the member´s house the young missionary was thinking what had happened. The member had said exactly what the missionaries had said but didn´t have the same effect. What was the difference?, was his question. And President and Sister went on explaining what had happened to this missionary and the journey that lead him to become a great missionary that had the spirit with him and that lead him to baptized many, many people. I was pretty amazed as i heard them speak and i will let you know how the experiment goes here in the near future!! I love president and Sister they are the best. They are my President and Sister. But other things that happened with week that was pretty cool was that i got a call from a sister from Camaçari that was in the ward that i passed in and she invited us to go back and watch the baptism of their 8 year old daughter! That was really awesome to see but the best thing to see that is beyond description is to see the people that you helped baptize strong and active in the church!! there is nothing better than that!! I was soo happy to see the members and see Kaline´s baptism! And she even chose me to give the closing prayer!! The mission is the best! amo voces! -- Elder Brown

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