Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 14, 2012

Ola!!, NOSSSA!!!! .. i guess it has been a little while huh? ha. I'm still alive and kicking so don't worry to much! what had happened it that we had a training for the leader of the mission and i traded my p-day for that day and we played soccer and so we didn't have time to write. sorry. But don't worry i made a few goal for the family so i figure its all Good. ha. So this is the first time i have served in Salvador and it is really different. aha. I pretty much went into shock for a little bit because of how different it is. I have always worked in smaller cities and the people in smaller cities are, what you could say, different ha. Here is a mad house. ha. My area is called Pernambués. (Pear-nam-boo-ace) for those of you that speak English. And it is way tight. It is really spread out and kinda far from the church but we are gonna have a ton of success, I just know it. It is all hills and how my legs would testify to you that hills make you or break you ha. But for at least right now they are making me. Elder Mota and I often race up the stair in the "Favelas" (ghettos) .. It is makes it interesting ha. One of the good things is that I'm getting to see a lot of new things that i have never seen before! Ive kinda seen "Capoeira" before in other cities but not like here. It is way intense and way cool to watch. Look it up on YouTube. And I'm getting to see a lot of different lifestyles and hearing a lot of different languages ha. Here in the city there is a ton of slang and they speak way different but ill get to the point where i understand pretty much everything. Ive seen a lot of things in just 2 weeks. i just hope i can remember them and put them into my journal! .. One of the best things about here is the saints. Everywhere i go I'm always put with the best members! I had the chance to speak this last Sunday and i didn't know what to say, i didn't even prepare anything, and the best part was that i didn´t even know that i was going to speak ha. Just to fill you, youngsters that are going to go on a mission, in you should avoid the bishop, his counselors, and like a plague the ward secretary about 5-10 minutes before the sacrament starts because that is when they get you ha. just kidding! i used to not like to speak in front of the ward but now i really like it. I almost love it. Because it is one of the only times i can see all the saints together and look at there faces and see there glow. I testify that after the sacrament, if taken properly with a broken heart and contrite spirit with the desire to do better we are all made pure by the Holy Ghost and radiate His countenance in our eyes, and face. The mission is such a huge blessing. ... I guess i should probably tell you more about Elder Mota, so he is from Limeira, São Paulo and has one sister and one brother. He played professional soccer before his mission for a team in São Paulo. His dad served a mission in Rio Grande do Sul and is the second generation missionary in his family. He is really smart and knows alot about the gospel. Its pretty funny so see how everything came together. So Elder Mota would be going home this transfer but i think will stay another. So he is a little older than me in the mission, he was a leader in the mission when i got to Brasil and so way my "pai" so i stayed behind with Elder Mota´s son often when they went to there meeting with president. And then i was transferred to my new area and Elder Mota was still a leader in the same city but a different zone and after that i went and lived with him on the next transfer with elder Hubbard for 2 transfers and then was transferred to Ribeira do Pombal and he was my leader again ha. He called me talking about my investigators and how i was often and he helped me in a lot of ways. Then i went to Juazeiro and he went to Petrolina that are neighboring zones. ha. And now we are here together. So it looks like our companionship was meant to be. We are working and have a few people that are progressing but for sure need a lot more. We are trying to help out our zone and mission with our share of the baptisms. Something that i have been personally working on is my personal sanctification. President and Sister are doing trainings for all the mission about this. Being personally clean and giving everything to the Lord. They talk about sacrifices that were made in the old testament and they asked us to make sacrifices in our lives to be light enough to be lifted up by the Savior. It was really powerful and i know that they are called to be my President and Sister. They love us so much and listen to us and just want us to excel. I love them and know they love me. I love the work it is way fun. I'm learning everyday with my companion. And just want to work hard, because Christ lives and He is my Reason. amo voces!!! -- Elder Brown

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