Friday, June 8, 2012

June 5, 2012

Ola, Did you miss me? I guess i kinda disappeared for a week or so sorry. We had a training last Tuesday and so they made our Thursday our P-day but we decided that we need to work and find some people to baptize. And guess what? We have found some really good people to work with and I'm really excited. So one of the cooler experiences that happened with us is that we decided that we should fast for three days. Not three days straight ha. But 3 days that week. And as we fasted the spirit really testified of what we taught and the Lord put the right people in the right places to help and to teach. We were really blessed. One thing that was really a miracle that we saw as we went out to the edge of our area to work. Elder de Araújo and i have a recent convert that lives there that really helped us out. She took us around to meet some of her friends and we talked to a few people and what I was realizing was that, Jess, our recent convert had invited another girl to go out and teach with us. And she listened to the message of the Restoration 4 times that day ha. And when we were walking back to Jess´s house to leave her there. She told us that she wanted to get baptized!! It was incredible I was sooo happy and I know that it was the miracle that we have been praying for. President wrote me a letter the other day in response to my weekly letter that i send to him and he told the following ... "Pray and expect Miracles." It truly was a miracle. The way that the girl told us that she wanted to get baptized was so natural and normal that i almost missed it ha. The Lord has prepared her and all we need to do is help her in the situation that she is in. Her home life is incredibly tough and violent but we will do everything that we can to help her find a love for the Book of Mormon, so she can find peace through the inspired words of the prophets. I have gained a greater love and respect for the Book of Mormon. Elder Smith has really been a inspiration of that to me. He has read the Book of Mormon so many times and knows so many things from what he has learned!! I am grateful for his knowledge. He is always telling people about the Book of Mormon on the street!! He asks them if they have ever read the book? Or if they have it at home? And if they respond that they do have it and haven´t read it then he asks them why they haven´t. ha. It is awesome. He really has a strong testimony of that Book and it's starting to really rub off on me. I'm loving the mission. I love my area and the members!! It will really hurt when I have to leave. I'm in 2 Mosias for all of you reading with me!!! READ, READ, READ!! It is a book that will bring you to know Christ. I don´t know who is reading this email but i would like to extend a challenge to each and everyone of you!!! Read the Book of Mormon and take the challenge that is given at the end of the book to pray to God and ask if the book is true. I challenge every single one of you to take this challenge! I testify as a servant of the Lord, Jesus Christ, that this book is true. I know that it is. And I promise you that if you take this challenge you will come to know your Heavenly Father and His will for you. You will know without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is the Savior of the world and that these 2 perfect beings called the Prophet Joseph Smith to restore the once lost true gospel. amo voces!!! Elder de Brown

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