Friday, May 18, 2012

May 8, 2012

Ola, Hey Family. Sorry i didn´t get a chance to write last week. My P-Day was really busy and i could only make time to read the emails sorry. But this week i have some time to write down some things that have happened during the week. Some thing funny that happened during the week happened when we were in the house. I like to sing and so does my companion so what happens is that one of us starts singing and eventually we both end up singing together that song. And i was singing, "Oh Happy Day," and my companion really like that kind of music so he always like to join in. And when he was singing i noticed that he was switching up the words a little bit. So i´d like to tell you how my companion sings the song Elder de Araújo style: .. Oh happy day (Elder Brown: oh happy day) Oh happy day (Elder Brown: oh happy day) When Jesus washed (Elder Brown: when Jesus washed) When Jesus washed (Elder Brown: when Jesus washed) Jesus washed (Elder Brown: when Jesus washed) Washed my SHINS away(Elder Brown: HAHAHAHA) Oh happy day (Elder Brown: HAHAHA) I gave him a pretty hard time after singing, "shins away," poor guy but it was pretty funny. He is a good good companion and i will miss him when he goes. Here in Juazeiro we haven´t had the success that we have really wanted. We know that we are good missionaries and that we really want to help, but the fruits to the labors haven´t come as we have planned or wanted. But this last week was testimony meeting and one of the members got up there and started bearing her testimony. And this member is really special to us. Elder de Araújo and i have really worried about her when she was dating two non members and was slowly but surely leaving the church. We always made an effort to pass by her house and we talked to her mom, who is a recent convert, and told her how we felt about her daughter and how she had changed. We begged our Father in heaven for her to wake up and see what we see in her and what the Lord sees. And as this recent convert member bore her testimony she looked at me and my companion and thanked us for never giving up on her. She thanked the missionaries that baptized her and then bore testimony to everyone how she felt like she has been re-baptized. As i listened to her speak i felt the Spirit say to me that my Heavenly Father was proud of what i was doing helping this member come back and feel the love of our Savior again. I love this member. I want nothing but happiness for her through the Gospel. I really do love her and want to see HER and HER FAMILY one day in the CELESTIAL KINGDOM. I love the miracle of this Service. This week i also have been really focusing on the Book of Mormon and working on my teaching skills. And it is wonderful to see how the Lord puts in your mouth the words to say and how to say them. I have gained a huge appreciation for Preach My Gospel and how it is an inspired missionary tool to help us be better teachers of the Kingdom. Yesterday, we went over to a members house to see if we could finish a recording that we did here in Juazeiro with the members and he wasn´t home so what do we do? Talk to everyone and find something to do ha. So we knocked a door and a lady named Swelli answered the door and after a little time talking go in and taught. We taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Spirit was super strong. I really worked on being as clear and direct as possible with the message this week and having a love for the Book of Mormon. And what happened? We taught with clarity and power. They understoond the message and everyone accepted a baptismal date! It was Awesome. I really pray that they will progress. just a few things that happened. amo vocês! Elder Brown

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