Friday, May 18, 2012

May 15, 2012

Boa Noite, Hey everyone. My week was ups and downs!! I got to talk to you guys!! Which made me way happy! But I lost my best friend (my companion) which made me really sad. Our investigator accepted the challenge to be baptized. But on Saturday he asked for more time. I guess I’m on a roller coaster. The best moments in my life and the hardest! I guess I just share with you this week what was something that I learned. I wrote it to president... President this week my companion and I had a really difficult experience. We have been teaching Antônio for the past month and finally he accepted to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized this last Sunday. We passed by his home several times that week helping him prepare and on Friday we finished up the teaching and we all felt ready and excited for his baptism. Then on Saturday night, Antônio, showed up at a ward activity and told us he wanted to talk. We sat down with Antônio and he asked us for more time on his baptism. And we started asking why he felt that way and what made him feel unsure about his decision to be baptized. He told us about his lack of support that his family is showing him. And we both, my companion and I, felt strongly like his family, behind closed doors, are talking bad about the church. President, we did everything after we found out his doubt to resolve what ever was making him unsure. We taught with power and authority. But nothing we said or told him helped the situation. We did everything we could. Everything! But nothing changed his decision. At the end of our lesson we said a kneeling prayer that Antônio offered and in his prayer he asked to know if he should be baptized this last week. And after the prayer he still felt like he shouldn't´t be baptized. In the end we bore our testimonies as servants of the All-Mighty Father and the tears could not be restrained anymore. As we told Antônio what we know to be true we cried. I have never cried like I cried president. Him telling me, "No," hurt so bad. Because I know all that he will miss out on and how much he needs this Gospel. President I think I finally know after 1 year and 6 months in the field I discovered what Heavenly Father does when his sons and daughters don´t follow the example of Jesus Christ. He cries. President I love this Gospel. I love these people. I just want them to be happy and to be happy they have to follow the path that the Savior paved with His sweat and blood. President please pray that Antônio can be baptized and find out what and where his true happiness is. Please pray for my friend. I know that if we pray for him his heart will be softened and I and my new companion will be endowed with the Spirit of God to help him. Amo vocês!!, Elder Brown

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