Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 3, 2012

Ola Familia,

This week we got to go to Salvador to a meeting to learn some more about how we can help the mission do better and when we were there the assistants talked about sacrifices. I thought i might write the email a little different this week. From the perspective of a pair of missionary shoes.

Thank you Elder Brown for giving me the opportunity to finally say a few things. First of all I would like to say that it has been an enormous priviledge to work side by side with elder brown, he is a great missionary and pretty much does everything perfectly. He is very handsome and extremely humble if you didn´t know. (ha.) But besides working with such a magnificent work of art we have had some not so beautiful days. I have sacrificed more then any other pair of clothing that he uses. I am there everyday ready to do my part to help him magnify his. I have almost drowned in many occasions because of the rain and also have lost some of my color because of the sweltering heat that I feel. But I can say I have never given up. In the beginning of our mission it was harder for me to adjust I was more rigid and none flexible but as i learned more of my purpose i have grown into what i need to be. Sometimes i am a shoe for sitting when elder brown has a better day in the field and gets to teach alot and other times i try to eat a little less because i know that i can be heavy when he is walking from one fallen appointment to the next. Sometimes i turn into a running shoe to catch a bus or get to an appointments house, but there is something always true about me. I will never let him down. I will always follow his lead and support him in any situation good or bad. My favorite thing to do is to wait for him after a baptism. It seems he uses me with more excitement and happiness and we never tire. I have learned sacrifice in my mission and I intend to learn it for the full 24 months. Sacrifice has never brought me more happiness and has slowly turned into something that i like to do, where it had been something i had not looked forward to and this is my testimony that i share with all of you.

I am grateful for sacrifice i know that it is something that i need to master. I am grateful for my shoes and how they have taken me to some of the happiest times in my life and some of the hardest. They never complain, they just do what i ask them to do. I show them love by shining them and oh how they shine in the sun. I can imagine their excitement and joy because it is that sacrifice that brings such great blessings and refinement.

There was no greater sacrifice than the one that was giving in a garden of olive trees. I pray more then ever that we can remember this sacrifice that the Redeemer made for each and every one of us. He died and now He lives. I love Him and in the little time i have left i will sacrifice everything for Him.

te amo,

Elder Brown

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