Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 17, 2012


I just would like to say that I have the most beautiful nieces and
nephew in the world: Paisley, Brooklyn. Jordyn, and Paxton. I love
them and want them to know that I think about them everyday. I can't
wait to see them and play with them. I hope they will recognize me and
remember there Uncle Jordan.
This week was a pretty good week. We were able to do a little more and
help a few more people. We taught a lot but when it came time to go to
church nobody was ready to go or refused or simply didn't answer the
door. Any one who is a RM knows where I'm coming from and how not fun
it is to see your investigators not go to church after promising to go
the night before. But we keep on going! I was studying more this week in
the Pearl of Great Price and i read a few things way cool that
Moses did that kinda applied into my week. One thing was what
Moses said to Lucifer when he appeared to Moses. I found a lot of
comfort in what Moses taught. And the greatest lesson that i learned
this week was something that Moses tells us in the first chapter verse

Now, for this cause I know that man is nothing, which thing I> never had supposed.

I read those words this week and i have learned a great lesson on
humility and how we need to be humble in all things. And when we are
completely humble even if it is for a second or two the Spirit works
powerfully through us to touch lives.
We had taught a girl named Mariana for awhile and she didn't really
progress so we dropped her. She stopped coming to church and we were
really sad. I had the feeling the other day that we should pass by
there to see how she was doing and we were blessed enough to find her
at home. She is a very special young lady. She had already memorized
the young woman's theme and liked the church but has some problems
stopping her from being baptized. We pray for her and a result of our
following the Spirit and realizing that we are nothing we were able to
share a powerful message with her and Sunday she went to church. We
talked about being a people of the covenant and i was lucky enough to
teach the lesson in gospel principles and i challenged the two sides
of the room to make covenants ( a spiritual contract with God) with
our Heavenly Father and Mariana was there and part of one of the
groups. The group made the Covenant to Fast for her and the blessing
that they wanted was that Mariana could be Baptized!!

I was Blessed with a great week to learn Humility

I love Brasil! I love the Lord!

Elder Brown

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