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April 10, 2012


This Easter was way sweet! We got to go to Salvador and see President and Sister Hart, which is always special. And there we learned a ton on the life of the Savior and what he did in the last week he walked on the earth. It was really special. Also we got to color Easter eggs with Sister Hart! I was way pumped ha. and I won the prize for the most happy egg ha. I guess this week i can tell you about some cool stuff that has happened that i might have forgotten to tell you in the past weeks.

1st Story:
My companion and I got home from traveling all night from Salvador to Juazeiro da Bahia we were exhausted and when we got home we laid down for a few hours to get some of our strength back and when i woke up about 9 o´clock am i woke up with an extreme need to urinate (Pee) so i stumbled into the bathroom with my eyes half closed still sleeping pretty much and looking in the toilet and what do i see? A little brown present waiting for me. Gross huh!? I thought, "all my companion has to do is flush the toilet." I was tired, wanting to sleep, and i wake up going to the bathroom and am blessed with a turd staring straight at me. You could imagine my unhappiness in that moment. So i start doing my business and you have no idea what happened to me in that moment. The little turd started to swim! And i look again at the little brown thing in the toilet and realized it wasn´t a turd but a rat! hahahah. He looked at me, and i looked at him. And i felt bad because i realized that the whole time i was (peeing) i had been giving our little friend a shower ha. And when i finished we had another moment. I looked at him and he looked at me, (still swimming) with his little paws trying to escape his water prison cell, and then what did i do. Turned around and left the bathroom and went back to bed ha. When i was just about to get in the bed my companion opened his eyes and i told him that there was a rat in the toilet in the bathroom. And went back to bed. And what happened to our little, "turd?" My companion woke up about 30 minutes later with the same need to use the bathroom and had a similar experience but he felt it better to give our little friend a flush and down went, "turd," never to be seen again.
(just imagine the confusion he would have caused if one of us needed to use the bathroom sitting down! Now that would have been a good story ha.)

2nd Story:
On Easter we had a musical. Wow! ... I really wish all of you could have seen it!! It was pretty much amazing. The Spirit was super strong and the choir and solos were finally tuned. My companion without a doubt is incredibly talented!! We are trying to put something together that will give you all a chance to see how talented he really is! But i really got a chance to feel the Spirit strong this Easter. I have grown a new and stronger testimony of the Atonement, the suffering in the Garden and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. More then i have ever had before i have gained a new appreciation for the Resurrection of the Savior. I don't know how our Savior after having suffered tremendously took up his grave and in that moment broke the chains of death. I'm not sure how He did it. And I'm sure that i will never know in this life but i do know something with certainty. That our Savior lives and as the scriptures say,
"He is not here: for he is risen, as he said."

Our Savior and Redeemer is alive. And because he lives he has extended his hand one more time to all of humanity to walk as He walked, to speak as He spoke, and to do what He did. So that we too can enter into the mansion of our Father and live with Him forever and ever. I know that this is the mighty plan and greatest of all the creations of God, the plan for ALL of His children to come back and live with Him. We can and we will!

te amo,
Elder Brown

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