Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 20, 2012

Q & A with Jordan:

How do you like your area?: Juazerio is one of my favorite areas so far! The ward here loves us! ( or more my companion because he sings way good and plays the piano in the sacrament ha.) But it is way awesome. Not really ghetto here it is just really big, the area, and a lot of ground to cover. But it's great here.

Getting along with your companion?: Now, we are doing great! I have gained a testimony of communicating with my companion and expressing what i feel and how we can change together. I am realizing that the way i do things doesn´t necesarily mean that how i do it is right and his way is wrong it's just different and when we blend them we can have success. He has helped me a ton with a lot of christlike attributes. He is great!

Do people invite you over to eat dinner?: I have a "Mainha" here in the ward that takes care of us all the time. She is always giving us stuff to eat and helping us out. We have a tradition that we made to always eat in here house sunday night. She is way cool. She is not married but super strong in the church and just does her thing, she is way tight. We have what we call the, "mafia" here. It is a group of members that always eat dinner with us in our "Mainha´s" house. ha.

Is your house accomodations adequate? Washer: Broken, dryer: the sun, fridge: works well , stove: i use everyday, comfortable bed: after walking all day talking to people i could sleep on needles and still sleep like a baby ha.

Do you need any other clothes? garments: Im doing alot better then before thanks so much mom!! , shoes: I'll send you pictures! haha., suit: Was black now is gray ha. , shirts: are holding up! some are smiling ha. but the Sisters here help me out and sew them up , ties: are always welcome!! , socks: i will buy some more here in Brasil.

Have you been taking pictures?: I'll try to be better at sending pictures to you guys!! But I'm taking a lot and will try to take even more.

Have you thought about where you might want to apply for school yet?: I'm in denile that i will ever end my mission. I don't like to think about these things but i will come to a decision here soon. Sorry for not having an answer for you yet.

Has it cooled down there or still just as hot as ever?: I love it. I will come back a little darker then i left but i hope my spirit turns out to be a little whiter ha.

I don't know what Heavenly Father is telling me but i just know that i have particpated in 4 weddings in my mission! ha. And I'm starting to think that he is trying to hint at something ha. But the best thing is that every weddding gets a little more special everytime.

I don't really have much time to write to much today but that i know that this work is so true. As i walked the streets today going to the center of the city to eat, i had an interesting thought. As a walked passed a few people i had the thought that there are millions and millions of people in the world. And Heavenly father knows these people. He listens to their prayers, knows their struggles and knows how the gospel of Jesus Christ can help and heal all of these people. I felt really small, but also big at the same time. I felt like nothing but a grain of sand in the ocean. But i felt like, Heavenly Father really needs me. He thinks that I'm important and does everything to help me. This work is amazing. It teaches humility, but also self-worth. Patience with urgency. Love without limits, but because of peoples choices you are limited to how you can love. I hope i can learn all the lessons that my Heavenly Father has in store for me and more so that i can help just a few of our brothers and sisters have a better eternal perspective.

He lives. and I finally know it.

Te amo,

Elder Brown

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