Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012


I am thinking of what i could say to all of you. I'm not really sure, but i guess i will start with some things that i thought were way sweet this week. I really was jacked about a conference that we had in Salvador where we had the opportunity to hear from an Irmão. His name is Brother Soares and he talked to us about some things that happened on his mission. He told a story about how he got to an area that hadn´t baptized in 6 months and when he got there the missionaries had made a goal of baptizing 5 people. And brother Soares asked the missionaries that were already there why they had made that goal. They told him that it was, "tradition." So he thought about their response and he had a thought and went with it. When the missionaries had their first District meeting they made a goal with the other 3 missionaries that they would baptize 50 people! .. He told us how after they made that goal everyone told him that he was crazy!! The bishop, the missionaries were doubting, the members hadn´t seen a baptism in 6 months and everyone was doubting that they would even baptize even one person. And after everyone who wanted to tell Brother Soares that he was crazy they went to work. They did everything they could to baptize. They planned activities, loved the members, and spoke to everyone they could. Brother Soares and their little district baptized that month alone, 42 people.
Everyone at our meeting was looking at this guy with our jaws on the floor ha. What he did there was incredible! And helped me to understand that i can do more than what is "usual". More than what is the "tradition". Brother Soares helped us out so much on things that we can change and do in the way we do missionary work to help us be more successful as missionaries. It was way awesome to hear.

The other thing that made me really think was something that a recent convert said today. We were vistiting this family to help them out with some plans that they are making this week. One of the girls in this family went to go buy string and when she came back she told her mom that she bought some lollipops as a gift for herself for going and buying the string. And after she asked if she could keep the 1 Real and 10 cents that was left over and her mom said that she could. And when her mom told her that she could, her smile just about jumped off her face. The other children in the family started to whine and ask why she got to keep the change that was left over and how it was unfair because they never got to keep the leftover change when they did chores. And when the daughter that got to keep that change said this my heart skipped a beat. She said, "today i will get to buy a snack at school." I had never thought and maybe was just to blind to see that these kids go to school everyday for 5 or 6 hours and don't eat. Not because there parents are tight-wads but they barley have enough money to get by. The children were fighting over about 65 cents in our dollars.
Wow. How that woke me up. I hope i can be more grateful for what i have to spend and have to eat. I hope that when i say my prayers i have the same sincerity that they do when they bless the food and thank Heavenly Father for what they have. I learned today that i have a long way to go in humility and gratitude but i know that I'm on the right path, and will learn these Christ like attributes if i am faithful to the end.

Eu amo brasil!! i know that this work is the Work of our Heavenly Father. He blesses us with all that we humbly ask. I love Him and want to do what is His will. I know that my Savior lives and loves us all. And has suffered even most painful moments. I love Him for that.

te amo,
elder brown

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