Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 31, 2012


Thank you for all the birthday emails i really appreciate them and gives me a big boost of confidence. I have been blessed with an incredible family, and unforgettable friendships. So here in Juazeiro it is BLOODY hot!! ha. Some days they tell me it hits 40 graus ( which feels like about 200 degrees ha.) I'm not really sure what 40 graus is in degrees but it feels pretty hot. But it really is a blessing because i am losing my watch tan ha. Presidente Hart he has a saying that he likes to tell us at every conference. He always tells us about how we need to become, "Crusty" missionaries. And i guess I'm getting pretty "Crusty" after all this time on the mission because in his definition a crusty missionary is a missionary that works and works and doesn't worry about the little things but just goes to work and their clothes, shoes, backpacks, tie, and socks are proof of there "Crusty-ness" but being "Crusty" does bring happiness ha.

I've been thinking a lot this week about happiness and what is real happiness? And I haven't really found an answer yet but i feel like I'm learning a little everyday. Happiness is not miserable, not painful, is not degrading, is not lazy, not arrogant in anyway, happiness is not being robotic or normal. Happiness is wonderful, is extraordinary, is dedication, is work, is love, is humility, is confidence, is more than a smile but a feeling that radiates through actions, words, and attitudes. I've learned a huge lesson this week. Sadness, is the fuel that feeds Lucifer´s fireplace. A huge part of missionary work that i didn't realize before the mission is you carry a message with you whereever you go just by being who you are, wearing what you wear, and acting how you feel. I didn't understand that working sad or angry does not allow the spirit to guide us. We become "missionaries" in the sense that we are working as elder brown or elder ... but we don't become "Missionaries" who are instruments in the Lord´s hands.
When you are happy you can feel that extra lift at the end of the day because the Spirit is along your side. You feel happy, and become happy. You understand the things of the Lord: the doctrine, your purpose. But when you let sadness creep in you take yourself away from the Spirit or better said build a wall in between you and Him. You become agitated and frustrated. You pray for the Spirit but you doubt that he can help. You become negative and everything becomes hard.
Happiness is a way of Life, not just a moment or two. We need to learn to BE happy so we can prepare ourselves for endless happiness in our Fathers kingdom. But if we never understand or figure out how to BE happy, how will we know to choose eternal happiness if we have never experienced it in our earthly life.

Be Happy!

Remember what true happiness is. Alma 41:10 .. and remember how to be happy! Mosiah 2:41.

te amo,
elder brown

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