Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 7, 2012

Ola minha gente,

Have a I ever told you guys that I miss you? Because I do! ha. I think about everyone of you and hope you are all great and happy with where you are at in you lives!! So if you haven´t got a letter in awhile or thinking that I have forgotten you and your family, I haven´t and won't. But it would be good to give me a little reminder if you haven´t got a letter in awhile because i haven´t forgot you, but I wouldn´t come back for nothing. I don´t want to leave Brasil. I want to be a missionary forever! ha. And you better believe that I will have a talk with the Lord about letting me stay in the mission for at least another 1 or 2 ha.

So this week I spent a bunch of time away from my area. My companion and I went to Salvador for a meeting, we left Tuesday night and got there totally destroyed that Wednesday morning. We had our meeting and ate with Presidente which is aways sweet and then went on splits with the Assistants. I got to go with one of the three assistants and one more Elder serving in the Zona next to mine and it was way fun! .. I was really eager to see how they teach and when we taught the Spirit was way, way strong. I've never been in a three-some before in the mission so I didn't really know what to expect and I found out that it was way fun. You laugh and joke around and also when you teach it was great to have one more person there confirming of what you testified. We taught one girl in specific who had a date to be baptized this week. We got there and introduced ourselves and prayed and Elder (assistant) Buraque started to teach and ask her what she thought and if she was excited and she told us she wanted more time. Which is really really common, if you didn´t know, to hear in the mission. And after that the other Elder spoke about the Spirit and then I testified and spoke about answers to prayers and the other Elder again confirmed what we said and in the end the Assistant finished the lesson and it was straight power!! ha.
It was incredible!

And after the lesson we were headed out and I was drinking Cevada, which is a drink they drink here in Brasil, and the other Elder that was with us is a pretty funny guy and apparently here in Brasil they watch a program called, "Everybody hates Chris" and I guess I look like one of the actors in the that program called, "Drew". That funnny other elder told one of the girls we taught that I was "drew" in real life and she looked at me and yelled, "Its true!" ha. But kinda was kidding and said I will go get my sister who watches that show every day because she will know. When she came back with her sister, she walked in and when the sister saw me she stopped in her tracts and said, "I don't believe it" ha. And after that the Elder who was playing around told her to go give me a hug! and the Assistant yelled, "NO!" ha. And in the end I gave her an autograph and we took pictures together ha. So if you see me on facebook with a little 11 year old girl you´ll know that I am famous here in Brasil as, "Drew" ha. After we left we all laughed and headed back to the Staff house and the Assistant told me that I could baptize a ton of people in Salvador just by telling people that I am "Drew," ha. But I think I will stick with baptizing people by teaching about Jesus Christ.

After all this we went to another meeting that next day and I got some sweet packages! Shout out to .. the Young women of the Plain City 1st ward! (i think it is the first ward ha. it has been awhile since I've been there.) and to the Stone Family! You guys are the best!! I will make sure to send you a picture with that awesome tie you sent and send it to you!! Saudades demais! And to my Mainha, who is the best mom in the world. I love you all and appreciate your sacrifices to send me those packages. After the meetings we got home Friday night and we were pretty broken and slept and worked that Saturday. Not so great for the area and for us to really get much work done in our area last week but hopefully we are blessed.

Pretty cool week but I guess the only down side is that I am getting OLD!! But thank you all for your support, love, tears, for the last 21 year hopefully the next will be just as great.

te amo,
elder brown

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