Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 21, 2012


Just another week in the grind. I really do love the mission and I learn things everyday. Just when i think i am kinda capable of being a Representative of Jesus Christ i realize that i know nothing and i have a long way to go ha. But that is what i love about the gospel and studying because i can always learn something new or remember something that i have learned already. I have gained a testimony this week of something that i really haven´t put much thought into. We are called to serve in a specific area in specific wards with district and zones built to help and bless us. We are the army of God going forth fighting with faith in the Lord and instead of destroying lives we are trying to save them. And as we go forth 2 by 2 we are able to help many people who need help. But one of the elders in our district told me something the other day that struck me. That sometimes we are called to serve with our companion to save lives but sometimes you are called to serve with your companion to save their life. Something i had forgotten but it is incredibly important. We know that we, as missionaries, were called to find the people we promised to find in the pre-existence. But i think we also promised our, "companions," that we would do everything to save their life as well.
Maybe your reading this saying, "cool. I get it missionaries have to save their companion´s life but what does this have to do with me?" Who are our companions? Are they our spouses or parents? Brother and sisters? Or our friends and co-workers? Could they be our neighbors or walking partners? Our companions are all around us. We can help our companions better understand why we are here and where we will all go. We often see that we can help but we fear how the other may react or if your relationship with that person will change. But in all reality by being bold sometimes we can save many of our companions from unnecessary pain, and years of unhappiness.
One thing that I have learned here on the mission is that when you love your companion you correct him. You tell him what he can improve and how you will help him improve that attribute. You see the things that he does well and remember to compliment him and show an increase of love. We need to correct each other. If you love me, correct me. I have gained a huge appreciation for my companions and how they have corrected and helped me on the mission. And I'm seeing how that correction helped me down the road with an investigator or less active member. But i have also seen that sometimes companions want to be nice and don't correct and see how that hurts me. A small example would be how to speak Portuguese. I don't want to be an American who speaks Portuguese but i want to be a Brazilian that lives in the United states. I need to learn how to speak just like the people i serve to gain their confidence. And when i say something and i pronounce it wrong and everyone laughs that is okay but what hurts is when i have been saying something wrong for many transfers and my companions for some reason did not correct me.
Love your companions and correct them and help them become better.
I am grateful for my companion who helps me daily. He is a great example and wants the best for me. And I know that we are here to save each others lives.

te amo,
elder brown

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