Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 3, 2012


Happy 2012!!!! Man how the time flies and you don't realize it! I can remember perfectly where I was one year ago today and who I was with! Time really does like to go by a little faster when you are loving what you are doing. I hope all of you had a great first of the year and you spent it with someone that means a lot to you. I can remember a scripture that Elder Moli shared with a family in Dallas, Texas that I guess has never left me. It is in Jacob 7:26 .. it says that "life passes as if it were a dream." And it is way true all we really have is the memories and the things we learned. It truly is passing like a dream and I cant make it stop ha.

Something kinda funny happened with Elder L. Santos and I. We were teaching the first lesson to a women and Elder Santos was explaining about the 3 pillars that Jesus set up to support His church. The first is the Prophet, a man chosen by God to lead and guide His people here on the earth, the second the apostles, the testimonies that this work is true and moving. They teach the doctrine of Christ so we don´t go astray. And the last Authority, the permission given to man to do the sacred works of the church. 3 things really important to remember and a blessing for those who already know. So Elder was explaining this and usually we put three fingers on our planners or the Bible to show the investigator the importance of having 3 pillars and as Elder was explaining I noticed that he first eliminated his pointer finger telling the investigator that the Prophet was taken from the earth. Then he explained that the apostles were killed and that chosen men were not called anymore prior to the restoration and he took away his thumb and he left for last authority and he didn´t realize what finger he had chosen last to use to show Authority. So I was listening to him and watching my companion, "give the bird," to our investigator ha. And after we finished and were in the street I told him what happened and he told me he didn´t realize what he did until he was finishing ha. I hope she didn´t get offended and lets us come back and not, "give her the finger." ha.

I'm learning a lot and trying to do what I should do! We made a goal to teach 40 lessons this week and I am really hoping we can do it! I really hope we can find some awesome people who are prepared to be taught and except the Gospel. I know that if I do my part and align my desires with strict obedience the Lord will do miracles and His will can be done. One of my goals this year is to be positive. It is really important in missionary work and I will do my best to always smile and be happy with what the Lord grants me.

ill write some more this next week!

tchau, te amo
elder brown

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