Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 20, 2011


Hey everyone thanks for the emails and the love that you guys are constantly sending. I hope everything is great with you all and are way excited about Natal. I am pretty excited to see a Christmas here in Brasil and see how the culture is different, but really the same!! I guess I get to call home and talk to you and see how you are all doing. I am way excited to hear your voices and see how everything is going. It will be kinda strange to speak English but I will give it try ha. Not like I speak Portuguese very well anyways ha.

But this week we had some cool experiences and we took a lot of punches in the face also. Something cool is that we are having a lot of fun and the companionship is really good the harder part is that all of our investigators don't want anything to do with the church. I guess that is how the Lord works. when you have a companion that you teach well with and everything is going good it always seems harder to find, teach, and baptize. But we will work until the end and do our absolute best. We made a goal together to give 100%. Everyday when we get home we ask each other if we gave 100% because the Lord expects 100% from us and 100% is all I can give to the Lord. I know that my part, my fraction of the work is so tiny and minuscule but I will do my work with love, sweat and the Spirit. I just want to come home one day and say I didn't give 50% or even 95% but I left my head and my heart in Bahia and will only wish to come back to see the frutos of the labor and not wish to come back to work harder or be more obedient or anything of sort. The Lord demands and expects Elder Brown for 2 years and my reward is an eternity to rejoice with the ones I helped and my eternal family one day. I just have to do more and push harder to be what the Lord wants me to be. If he wants a hammer, i want to be a hammer. If he need a screwdriver, by golly I'll give Him a screwdriver. And you better believe that if He asks for a measuring tape, i will be that measuring tape.
I love this work. I'm worn out, but I love this work.
I know that the church is true and that we have a living prophet here on the earth guiding the people who will follow. He is the one holding up the flaming serpent in the desert that brings healing and curing to the soul. (Numbers 21) I will give more to my savior because he knows what I'm capable of. And i just need to believe Him when he says, "i know how you feel, just push a little more."

The Savior lives and we need to remember Him as a living Christ. He was born in Belém and died on Golgotha. He rose from his tomb and ministered to the ancient people her in the Americas. I love Him. I am honored to wear His sacred name. I ask you all for one present this year. That you pray that I can become a little more like Him, that walked on water, that was born of a Virgin, the very Son of God.

te amo de verdade!!!, Abraço,

elder brown

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