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December 13, 2011


helaaaa mather
how are you?
i am fine. yesterday i die

elder L. Santos

my companion thought he was funny and wanted to write you a little something. ha. So this week went pretty well and it was a lot of fun. Elder L. Santos is way funny and he is always telling me not to cry ha. He is a pretty funny dude. We has a good week and worked a ton. He really knows how to teach and has a passion for the work. this last week here i have been what we like to call running on fumes but it has been great. I got to speak in sacrament Sunday and i chose to speak on choices and how they are incredibly powerful.
Something pretty cool that i got to see how when we choose to work and do everything we can the Lord does his part. Elder Madsen and i baptized a young girl and we were going back to talk to her and she told us that her cousin wanted to talk to us be when she passed by the house when we were there we didn't say anything to her. And honestly i didn't remember her or that i had even seen her and when the girl that was baptized explained the situation better i remembered that i did see her. She poked her head in for about 5 seconds said something to Cida, the girl that was baptized, and left. But in that 5 seconds that i saw her i didn't say anything or invited her to listen. Which was a bad choice and should have talked to her.
A week later i asked Cida where that girl lived and it ended up being her cousin. We went to her house and she was leaving to go play futebol but something inside me told me to challenge her to go to church. and i acted on that prompting and i invited her. We challenge a ton of people to go to church and i have never really seen a person when we invited without teaching them go. I think i have had to challenge at least 700 people just on the street to go and they either tell me they have to do something else or they will. And she told me the second of the 2. And I didn't really think anything of it but to my surprise she went. Joceris, the girl, was baptized 2 weeks ago and is so excited about the church and the decision that she made!! I know that if i hadn´t invited her to go to church she would still be looking for that something that she was longing for. I am even more grateful that i acted on the prompting to challenge her to go to church. I made a choice and i was blessed with an incredible result!

i know that our choices are key. I am grateful that i fought on the side of my Savior and Redeemer for free agency to have the ability to learn and grow. I know that my Heavenly Father knows and loves me and sends the Holy Ghost to whisper in my ear.

i love Pombal, i love the mission!! And i love to CHOOSE the right!

te amo,

elder brown

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