Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 22, 2011


I hope all of you are happy and looking forward to a happy thanksgiving!! .. Well I have some good news and bad news. I like to start with the good news first because it is a pretty cool little story. So instead of dinner we eat lunch with the families and yesterday was the second time I got to eat with someone really important! The first time we ate with this family he asked me a very interesting question that kinda has to do with Thanksgiving and the U.S. a little bit. We went into the families home and sat down and he showed up a little after we arrived, a man about 62 years old, and i introduced myself and he said he had to do something really fast but would return. And in about 5 minutes he came back sat down and asked me this question, "Have you ever heard of George Washington?" and I gave him a look and in my head said, "duh!" and looked at him politely and said, "yes, I have heard of George." and his response was this, "Really!? That's interesting because I am Jorge Washington." His name is Jorge Washington but you pronounce his name here like, George. So i guess when i come back home i can say well on my mission i met Jorge Washington and even had the pleasure of eating at his table. ha.
But the bad news is that Thanksgiving really doesn´t exist here. So we will not be having turkey or stuffing or anything of the sort but I wouldn´t want it any other way. I've really started to get used to rice and beans. Cranberries and pumpkin pie sound kinda strange to me ha. So when you are feasting remember Elder Brown eating rice, beans, and baked chicken and know one thing he will have a huge smile on his face and be very grateful for the lunch that was made with love for him and his companion.

This week we had the great opportunity to baptize a man who is 76 years old! And how special this baptism was for us. We found him through one of the members and we went over, shared our testimonies with him, and from then on he has come to church without fail. He really is incredible. He can't read but he knows the Church is true. We had the members go over to his house to read the Book of Mormon with him and help him pray and he is one amazing man. The highlight for me this week was definitely his baptism. Elder Madsen Baptized him which is way cool to see when the little old man is only about 5´8" and Madsen at 6´9-10" and it was way cool to see them in the font together. And while Madsen said the prayer, Edigar, had his nose already plugged and ready to go. Madsen finished the prayer and gave him a good hard dunk and he came up and kinda like an old man waking up really quickly didn´t know what was happening ha. He stood there with his nose still plugged and eyes closed like he wanted to be baptized again ha. and after about 30 seconds Madsen told him it was done and he was out of words. So he just started to laugh. If i could have only recorded his laugh and the sound of his voice. He laughed and Madsen laughed and we all laughed as we left the font for the other baptism. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I've had. And as Edigar left the font he told Madsen, "Never again!" ha. And how right he is, never again. ha.
I learned that sometimes laughter is more reverent then being still and quiet. I felt the spirit strongly as i laughed and rejoiced in Edigar´s decision. The spirit works in all kinds of ways but all of the ways he works are through feelings of joy and happiness. So i learned sometimes just laugh to feel the spirit. I think Heavenly Father let out a chuckle or two when he saw Senhor Edigar laugh at his own baptism.

So my challenge this week for all the readers .... LAUGH!! .... And feel the spirit through it.

te amo,
Elder brown

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