Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26th, 2011


Hey my "one" family ha. (I don't ever forget ha.) I got transferred to Ribera do Pombal! Finally I left Camaçari and get to know a different area and lifestyle. I am here in Ribera do Pombal which is like 6 hours away from Salvador. Out here is a lot different than in the city. This city is pretty big and has stores and things but also has really humble areas and we travel a ton to other little cities to help them go to church also! Everyone I have talked to loves the ward and area. They only say the best things about them both! So it should be sweet. My companion is Elder Madsen and he is from .. Bothell, Washington. He has lived in Texas and Peru before Washington and wants to play for Bothell Community College after the mission. He is probably 6' 7 and probably would be put under the, "tall, skinny white-dude," category and he is my companion and I'm going to love him. We live alone, they just recently took out the other set of missionaries and our district is us and the the zone leaders who live in Salvador 6 hours away ha. So we are kinda on an island out here but it is great. The house is incredible! So nice, or maybe just to a missionary that has been out for a year and seen a few "missionary" houses ha. But I am way grateful for what we have and what we have will definitely do the job.

Mom I got the packages and thanks soooooo much!!!! So much food and goodies but the thing I loved the most is the testimony glove which I will no doubt use many, many, many times and will hopefully have some good stories to tell when I get home about that glove and how it helped tons of people.

I was kinda itching to get out of Camaçari but I didn't realize how much I loved that place and those people until I was saying good-bye to them all. The whole time I was there I felt like I hadn't given my EVERYTHING to the work there but as I said good-bye to the members, to the pesquisadores, and my baptisms I realize how much I loved that area and how a part of my heart would always stay there. As I thought about the area and the lessons that I learned knowingly or not, I felt like my growth is minuscule but I forget that it feels small to me because I'm experiencing the changes little by little. And I know that the Lord is happy for what I did there. Did I mess up when I was teaching there? Of course. Was I the perfect companion for Elder Hubbard? No, and not by a long shot. But I know that I never relaxed, I never gave up and I hopefully left a mark on some of the special people that I had the chance to meet there. So many families that I fell in love with, so many "Mainhas" that I left there who took care of me and always worried about me. I love Camarçari. And I pray that I found who I needed to find, planted seeds that will be harvested in the future and repaired the damages from the long war of life that Satan is waging against the wavering members of that incredible ward. I never realized until now how fast the mission goes and how precious it really is. I gotta get to the grind and start working some miracles so I can build myself a foundation in Christ so I can't fall. (Helman 5:12)

Quem é sua Rocha?

Elder brown

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