Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 18th, 2011


The week was nothing really wild or really spectacular as in big miracles; but of course small reminders that the work is true always seem to find their way to me. I am really grateful for that and hope I can find more ways to catch the little things! .. I hear that Paisley had a sweet birthday party! Holy smokes 3 years old already and still kicking huh? Time really does fly by and she is growing up healthy and happy what's better then that? Happy birthday baby girl!!! ..

This week was Elder Hubbard's week to run the companionship and he did a great job even though we had a rough time finding what to do and who to teach. I can definitely see his growth and it is awesome. I am way proud of him and know that he will be a great missionary if he keeps doing the things he is doing. To be honest I feel so beat. I am so tired but I can't help but be happy. I had no idea what the demands were of having the responsibility of being someones first companion (trainer) and now I know and I don't think there is anything better but tougher and tiring. You constantly think about someone else for 16 hours a day until you sleep and often times you dream with them in it. It is intense because they expect the absolute best of you and you feel like the world is on your shoulders; but when you can see them happy and see them baptize and see them succeed there is nothing better. I am way grateful for Elder Hubbard and for what he has taught me and helped me understand. He has no doubt what I like to call, "leading from behind." He is always looking at what I'm doing and it is not enough to just do things well but its gotta be the best I can do and then some. I have been really blessed to be able to be with him these first 2 transfers of his mission.

I think the next time I send an email Elder Hubbard or I will have been transferred to another area with new companions. We are different people then who we were 3 months ago. Hopefully he learned as much as I did so that we can really become missionaries and not just simply serve a mission.

te amo,
elder brown

ps. The mail system reopened and we went to the zoo and it was way sweet they don't really have fences and barriers between you and most of the animals!! it was kinda cool. Grandma you would have loved it!

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