Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6th, 2011


Hey family! I hope all of you are great and happy.

I'm not so sure what I should write this week and nothing really is coming to mind. Thanks so much for all the letters and love that each and everyone of you show me on a weekly basis by sending emails and prayers on my behalf. I am really really greatful for all of those blessings. I really do rely on you all so much for the energy to keep going and do my best. I no doubt fall short sometimes, well most of the time, but I am truly grateful to you and your love for me.
We had a general authority come to our mission and the end result was everyone that left the building left with a little charcoal on their backside because he truly burned everyone. If you think you know what a call to repentance looks like, you have no idea ha. He definitely challenged us to be better and to be what the Lord wants us to be. He told us we made covenants with Heavenly Father before this life to find who we need to find. And to those people who we need to find, we promised them that we would be diligent in finding them. What a sweet blessing and a huge responsibility! I just don't want ONE person to come up to me and say, "why didn't you talk to me?" That would be the worst thing i could imagine. And as a trainer you have to really be a great example in every way to help your new guy start off his mission with passion and fire. I love my companion and he is such a great example of humility for me because i truly do make a ton of mistakes and he is always patient with me and helping me keep going. I just hope I'm doing the same for him.
Ive thought a lot about the name, Elder, lately and how it is a name that i have really come to love. A title so precious and powerful that the Lord gave it to his missionaries to carry around the world. I already know that the day i have to leave the name Elder will no doubt be a way way sad one and a day i am not looking forward to one bit. But something i learned quickly out here in the mission is that not all the men that wear the name Elder on their chest are perfect. I am in no way perfect and i think the majority of what i do and say is wrong but i am glad for the lesser half of the moments where i feel I'm living up to that title and honor. I'm starting to believe that being humble is the key that opens every door and breaks down every wall. To be humble is not to be weak but the opposite it is the strength to be submissive and as i get older and older in the mission I'm finding that it is harder and harder to hold on to that humility and be flexible and take chastisement well ha. Maybe you could call me grumpy but i like to call it acting my age (mission wise) ha. No, I'm not grumpy but when I'm getting hit from here and there and taking punches left and right it is getting harder and harder to turn the other cheek. To take that reproach without saying a word and to be insulted and choose to not be offended and happy is definitely harder to to do than they can tell you on paper. But one thing that has gotten easier as time goes along is that i understand the need for the chastisement to help me grow to my full potential. I understand that sometime the Lord lets us be hit so that we can learn to let him help us up. I love the Lord and know that his work is perfect i just hope that i can do one thing.. One day say, "i have become Perfect in Christ." I love ya all and hope that you know that.

abraço, te amo
ELDER brown

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