Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 27, 2011


Hey everyone I hope that all of you are doing great like I am. I really had some awesome experiences this week that I just need to pay attention to. We had district meeting yesterday and one of the sisters after the meeting was telling us all the funny stuff that happens to them on a daily basis and i was thinking, "where are all my experiences?" but the fact is that they are all around me! I had 3 really sweet experiences this week:

The first thing was different a combination that helped me keep smiling: we had a zone conference that President spoke at and he trained us on a few things and one inspiration is Sister Hart. She ALWAYS has a smile. It truly is incredible, and as she bore her testimony I think something might have happened. I fell in love with Sister Hart! She is the best and I really feel her love for us and it radiates through her cheerfulness and smile. She really was and is called to guide and take care of our mission as well as President. And as we were there we sang one of my favorite songs, The Spirit of God. As we sang that song the spirit testified to me that I am here in Brasil, in the right place at the right time to do a mighty and essential work and I need to declare this message of love to the world, or at least my little slice of the world here. I think that the best thing about the mission is that you testify of things you know, but the feelings and the conviction seems to deepen with line upon line, precept upon precept. I say the same things but I know them more and more as I receive these tender mercies.

The second was a miracle promised to all the children of our Heavenly Father, D&C 100:5-6, " For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say." Our last lesson of one long day we showed up and our investigator is not there, so we teach her son and now in the mission what we are doing is teaching straight by the spirit. That might sound funny, like well duh what else would you be doing? But what has been happening as a mission how we are teaching is more I have my part and you have yours and I don't say anything until its my part but know it is straight revelation. We ask questions and teach and let our companions teach along our side, D&C 42:6. And as we were doing this I know that Elder Hubbard received help from the Holy Ghost. We taught such an incredible lesson and as I looked at my companion I saw that he wasn´t the same. There was something different about him, he looked whiter and brighter, if that's possible ha. (just kidding ha. sorry Elder Hubbard). It was incredible for the fact that every word he spoke was completely correct and fluent. He truly was given the gift of tongues.

The last experience for this week was my little baptism. His name is Mauro and he is 9 years old. His parents are inactive but his grandma is the primary president and brings him to church every Sunday. He asked us if he could be baptized and we were more then happy to help him with that. He was so excited and every time we taught him he asked if he could say the closing prayer, he is such a little stud and I am so excited for him. As Sunday came and I cleaned the baptismal font with Elder Hubbard I was thinking that this baptism will be different and special. I know that my testimony grew as we finally started the baptism and I looked into the faces of 50 people there to support little Mauro as I conducted. The real witness to me was this whole week I have been thinking I needed to invite the dad of little Mauro to say something about him at his baptism and I asked Mauro´s grandma who was putting everything all together for him if I should and she was really unsure and kinda scared that I should ask but I know it was a prompting and I asked him before the meeting to say a few words. The Spirit was incredible as this inactive man spoke 2 minutes about his son and nothing could have been more powerful then what we saw there. Almost everyone there was in tears as he finished his words by saying, "Mauro, I love you." His baptism was perfect and the smile he had on his face was something I only wish I could capture and keep with me always! ..

We are constantly around these wonderful experiences and if we are looking for the big lumps of gold we forget the little flecks of gold that we can cultivate and realize one day how "rich" our lives have really been. (Melvin J. Ballard) I am grateful for all these blessings in my life and I am grateful for you all. I pray that this week I will be lucky enough to hear about some of you wonderful experiences that are happening in your lives.

te amo,

elder brown

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