Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13, 2011

OLA Familia!,

This week was great! .. Elder Hubbard finally got a chance to get his feet wet in the mission! We had a baptism finally!! And it was truly incredible.

I don't know if you remember that week of faith I talked about awhile ago, where the week was really really hard but we found 2 families that last Sunday night. I think that I forgot to tell a part of that story with you guys. So as we were going through the hard week we got kind of discouraged and then Sunday night it was truly incredible and we were so blessed to see that the Lord had remembered us and orchestrated everything perfectly. As Rodrigo (the ward mission leader) and I were clapping we taught one family first and they asked us to come in and teach us and told us they would read the Book of Mormon and would go to Church and pretty much were looking for the church. So I was way excited and thought that nothing could get better but we finished teaching them and asked them if they knew anyone else who would like to hear our message at the end of the road and the Mom of the family said, "no, there is no one down there." So I thought for a second that we should make our way back and I know that now looking back that I was prompted to keep going to the end of the street and then turn around and go home for the night. So Rodrigo looked at me and I insisted that we just finish and then turn around and he agreed it would be better so we headed off that way and the Mom of that "Golden" family yelled out for us and told us, "there is no one interested down there!" and we just waved and smiled and kept going and as we got to the end we hit the door 3rd to last and a woman answered the door at 8:20 at night which is really rare because usually they get mad but she smiled and I looked at her and she looked at me and I introduced myself and told her that we had a message of Christ and about the Church of Latter Day Saints. And when I was speaking it seemed like I was looking at more than her eyes but almost like our spirits looked at one another and shook hands. I'll never forget the feelings I felt for her in the very first moments I met her. It was as if I knew her and she had been waiting for me.
We went in and taught. Challenged her to read the Book of Mormon and to be baptized.
Our journey with Irmã Alsina Souza dos Santos has been incredible. She never one time missed a reading assignment from us or let us forget to give her one. She has a passion for the Livro de Mórmon and she loves the feelings she has when we are around her. She has had dreams of the temple, (one lesson explains that there should be work done for the dead to help and save their souls), She is incredible and I had the HUGE privilege to look into her eyes and tell her as I bore my last testimony in our "be Baptized lesson" , before she was baptized, to help her make the decision to be baptized and tell her that I without a doubt knew her before this life and had looked into her beautiful eyes and told her, " I will come and find you. I will come and find you."
I love Irmã Alsina with a powerful and pure love. I am so grateful to be part of this miraculous work and I know without a doubt that God, Himself, has his hands in it. I love my Savior who makes this work so sweet. He gives us the opportunity to make people so happy through his perfect and all encompassing atonement. He truly is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. He is true and he does change lives for the better. Read the Book of Mormon! If you haven't read it through before or in a long time, it truly is our fount to revelation and blanket of relief.

I love love love you all, thank you so much family for supporting me and never letting me for one minute think I wouldn't go on a mission because if I hadn´t I wouldn't have met the amazing people I'm meeting.

Elder brown

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