Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 9, 2011


Sooooooo, don't judge me! I have been getting chubbier and chubbier as my mission has continued and I have been very sensitive about that fact for a long time. And to be honest I didn't know why because I exercise everyday without fail and walk to Carumbas everyday! But I have been getting bigger and bigger. I didn't know why, but my answer was brought this week!

Surprise! August 2, 2011: Elder Hubbard was born of a goodly father, Elder Brown. I'm a dad! ha.

So on the mission your trainer is called your "Dad," and I will be training this transfer and will stay with him the next also. My companions name is Elder Hubbard he is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He has 5 brothers that have all served missions and one sister who is married and has a daughter. Elder Hubbard is awesome! He likes basketball, is way excited to be here and has the Spirit of a giant. I am so lucky to be able to spend these next 3 months with him and help him on his way. I was also transferred to a new area to boot and so this is gonna be an interesting ride! We are 2 Americans that don't really speak Portuguese well, who are in a new ward, in a new area and my zone leader is telling me that I need to start baptizing. Good thing I can pray because I have a feeling I'm going to be on my knees a lot. To be honest I am pretty nervous and very excited, I'm nervous because I remember my trainer Elder Ruiz who was a great trainer and a good friend. I just want to be the same. I want to help my companion become a great missionary that he already is. I just want to help him funnel his power and so he can cut to the heart of the investigators and we can find the elect of God. He really is a great missionary already and it is more of me holding onto the back of his backpack and enjoying the ride ha. I think i have already Pattoned the phrase, "that's my boy," and to other missionaries,"look at my son, he´s a stud!" I just want the absolute best for him and i just want to give him a chance to experience the wonderful feeling of the mission.

One little story about Elder Hubbard that was pretty funny was that as we were walking down the street from an investigators house and we saw a girl dog who had given birth to puppies recently and elder Hubbard looked at the dog and looked at me and said, "is that a cow?" and i said, "no," than he replied, "why does it have those little thingys dangling there?" and that is when i fell on the ground and started to laugh! I asked him if he had ever seen a mother dog before and he told me that he had not. So i guess I'm gonna have to teach my son the birds and the bees a little earlier than i would like but he´s asking questions and I'm not going to lie. ha. This transfer is going to be a great one! Not just because of the little funny things but also the really spiritual experiences that we are going to have together. Something amazing and fantastic about training is that i have the opportunity to feel the spirit untarnished by hard experiences on the mission but pure, sweet, Innocent testimony. And as i remember when i came to the mission all i really did was bear testimony and i remember the 2 different faces that i most commonly saw: the first a face of un-understanding and impatience from the majority of the people we taught and then the other, the faces of the open hearted and the meek and humble. And the marvelous gift given by the Lord to speak simply but truthfully. I have had the experience to watch and see how every lesson unfolds and how Elder Hubbard's simple testimony really changes the lesson into a celestial conversation. I am grateful for him. He is a servant of the Lord and i hope that i can by the end of this transfer be able to speak as simply but as fervent as my new, young companion.

Sincerely , the proudest father in the world,

elder brown

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