Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 30, 2011

E aí,

Hey family! I guess I have forgotten to write about where I am, sorry! I am in ... Camarçari! (still). What happened at the last transfer is that I went back to my old zone but I stayed in the same city just the other side of it. The city probably has 300,000 people and we have the smallest area in the city. We work in the center of the city and a little bit of the east side. It is a great area and a great ward that we have. Our ward is called the Inocoop Ward and it just got split so we don't have a ton of people in the ward yet or at least that are active and going. I'm with Elder Hubbard who tells me he likes hiking, picnics, and horseback riding. He is a cool guy, and we are getting the hang of the Brazil thing together. Him, getting used to the culture, language, and people. Me, getting the hang of leading a companionship, seeking revelation for the two of us, and working and talking more with the leadership in our ward. I don't think either one of us has it easy but we are happy and working on growing closer together and in the gospel. Our side of the city is relatively nicer than where I was before, but it is pretty much the same except it is more urban here. Our area has a ton of stores and everyone comes through here to get anywhere so we have a ton of traffic and people all day. It's starting to get hot as sin here! I don't know if I'm a huge fan! ha. But you can bet on one thing I'm going to come home looking like good ole´ johnny brown! ha. And poor Elder Hubbard will look like a tomato!
I had a sweet experience this week that helped me understand my purpose as a missionary. We got to church this week with a whopping 0 investigators with us which pretty much breaks any missionary's heart. I was already fighting the blues because I felt like we got chastised this week because of my lack of ability to speak, to teach with clarity and power, and just a lack of strict obedience. I felt really bad that Sunday morning more because I had forgotten that Saturday night to make a covenant with the Lord that I will do better and ask for forgiveness for the week. So we showed up and the Bishop tells me that I need to pass the sacrament, which I love to do!! So I go up there and we start the sacrament and I'm just thinking about what we are going to do after the church meetings to help our investigators progress and go to church and this and that about the mission. I passed the bread thinking about all of this and came back and was standing in front of the sacrament table and looked at the water that was unveiled and I know the Lord sent a steam roller to run me down. I looked at the water and I remembered what I was doing. I was distributing the symbols of the body and blood of the Son of God to all those who wanted to renew their covenants. And for a split second as I gazed upon the water it looked to me to have a reddish tint. And as I touched the water carrier the Spirit filled my soul and I was overwhelmed with the Spirit. As I passed the Holy Sacrament of God I remembered my baptismal covenants and how I need to keep them and do better and I couldn´t stop the tears from pouring down my cheeks. I will never forget that sacrament meeting. I love the Lord and I love the work. It is true.

Elder Brown

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