Tuesday, July 5, 2011

...8 Months

e ai! Beleza?!

Hey everyone hope your week was fantastic as mine was. I am so grateful for my mission and the experiences I get to have out here. One thing that was super cool was an Elder named Elder Vaz came up to me at the last conference of President Toledo and said to me, "I know your Mom." And the Brazilians like to try to speak English and learn a little more and the majority are jokesters and like to play around so I thought he was playing around but he was really serious! ha. Some how he knows you mom! .. He said that an Elder named, "hobleer" passed through his ward and they became good friends. I sat there for a second and was thinking about the name and I understood ha. R makes the H sound in Portuguese and what he was saying was, " Robyler," he was talking about Jordan Robyler and how he passed through (served in) his ward and he really liked him and how he looked up Jordan´s mom on facebook and then added you, Mom, ha. The world really is way small!! .. and yesterday I met an Elder whose name is Elder Fry. I talked to him and asked him where he was from because when he introduced himself as being from Seattle Washington for the President I figured he wasn´t really from Seattle, so I asked and he said Bremerton. I started thinking and BOOM again I remembered going over to Bremerton to visit the Brower´s and they had good friends named the Fry´s that I met when I was just a little fella. He is part of the family, not the ones I met but a cousin of them. Sweet huh?! .. I think that is all on people that I know around the world and now I can tell you some cool stuff that happened this week.

So my companion is way funny! .. he pretty much jokes the whole day and we laugh non stop ha. Which isn´t always good cause everyone stares at us, but it makes it easier to chase down people to talk too ha. We were talking in the street one day for instance and my companion has 1 year and 6 months on his mission and to be honest was dying when I got to him. Dying on the mission means losing the fire to work and do everything possible! So we are working on this together. And he always tells me, he will get married really fast after the mission and that I need to too. And so I was talking to him and telling him he can't look at the girls and think about marrying them all!! He looked at me and said, " Ok Então, vou olhar por meio dos olhos espirituais." ( okay then, I will look at them with my spiritual eyes) And it was the funniest face ever haha. I will try to send a picture of his spiritual eyes when I can. So don't you all worry about me finding an eternal companion here in the Bahia, because as long as I'm wearing my spiritual eyes I am protected! ha.

We had some sweet lessons this week and I know for sure that we will baptize a FAMILY! We just need to help them get married and separated from their past spouses! They really want to get baptized and their oldest boy said he wants to serve a mission!! Is that awesome or what? We are going to baptize the heck out of this family! .. We taught another lesson to a senhora who has 2 sons who are grown up and when we taught her the first lesson she started to cry, and as we finished, she wiped the tears away and I know that she felt the spirit touch her heart. I am so grateful for the Spirit and how it works. I love these people here. They are like no other. I cant explain how much they love us and how happy they are when we teach them. That Senhora only has a house about the size of our living room and 3 grown people live there. She only has 2 chairs and every time we teach her she makes us sit in the chairs and she stands. She offers anything and everything. I love the United States but the hearts are soo much bigger here with these beloved children of Heavenly Father. I am soo grateful to Heavenly Father for my mission and the things I learn every single day! I'm grateful for you and your love and prayers for me. And thanks mom soooooooooooo much for the package!!! .. I think i will give my peanut butter to my companion and the other to Ruiz. I love and cherish the creamy, peanut butter! Know that I am very very thankful Mom!! I love you and Thanks for helping my companions smile.

And Josh thanks for the missionary experience you shared with me!! My bro is the best missionary ever!! He is talking to people on the phone and emailing the gospel to sons and daughters who feel lost and unwanted. And the best part is that my brother is teaching with the spirit without having to see the person!! You are a champion bro!!!! Keep it up and tell me how she is doing!! I will no doubt pray for her.

I'll send out a bunch of letters this week for everyone, sorry I am slacken!! ha ..

Elder Brown

Hey could you email me the lyrics in Portuguese to: If you could Hie to Kolob and Come Thou Fount .. I think I will sing them for our ward!! Our ward is way freaking Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! ..

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