Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011

Boa Tarde,

Another week and another week's worth of memories made. This week was way fun and I did a lot of sweet stuff that I couldn't possibly tell you about because you would all think that I am a fubeca!! But I'm really not I just like to laugh and joke around sometimes ha. One thing that was way cool happened Friday night with Elder Perry. He is part of the other set of missionaries in Dias D´ávila and I couldn't help but laugh. We put together a night of Preaching and of course we had no one there because that is how missionary work goes sometimes! So Elder Perry goes out in the middle of a four way stop in front of the house that we were going to have this night of preaching. But firstly he wasn´t in any danger because it wasn´t a busy road and the roads are different in Brazil in that there is not stop signs at every cross road so it was totally kosher ha. When I came out of the house he was in the middle of the road calling people to come and listen. Stopping cars, ladies with babies, anyone and everyone! So once I saw that I jumped in and started spitting out not very proficient Portuguese at people to come and listen to our message. We did this for about 30 minutes and every contact somehow was hilarious! Elder Perry would say the funniest things so I started to make my contacts funny!! A night I won't ever forget! Elder Perry stopped a man on a horse in the middle of the road from a full gallop to a complete stop in 4 seconds, it was really amazing. We ended up teaching 2 lessons from doing these contacts and it was really good for me to practice my language!! .. One of the lessons was with a TJ, which didn't turn out so well. Elder Perry ended up yelling at a lady saying, "Can I just bear my testimony?" What an experience!! I'm starting to see that life is more about experiences than minutes, hours or days. I have to make experiences that will last me a lifetime because I only get 2 years to do this and a lifetime to reflect on the things that I did, or didn´t do.

It's better to do something and for it to be wrong then for you to never try and miss an opportunity.

.. Yesterday we had district meeting and it was hands down the most spiritual district meeting I've had in my mission. We are all frustrated with the way the baptisms are going and how they fall through and how investigators are not coming to church and the lack of lessons that the district is teaching. And the sisters are especially hard on themselves and I had the opportunity to give one of the sisters a blessing. The power of the priesthood is real.

I love you all

Elder Brown

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