Thursday, May 5, 2011

Week of weeks....

boa tarde,

Testimony Builder 1:

We were out trying to find someone to teach and we didn't see many people, so we stopped by a member's house really fast to grab some water, to talk and we got a referral! Carol, the member, gave us a referral and we went to see her right after she gave it to us. We arrived and talked to her. Her Mom wasn´t home so we couldn't teach her; but we asked if we could clap some doors around her home. She let us in and the first door we clapped we met José. José lives alone. His son lives in Salvador. He is not married. His home is one room. Kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom are all in the same room. I have never seen such humble circumstances in my life. I was grateful for that experiecence to see how blessed I am in my life, to live where I live and to have what I have. What a bencão. We started talking to him and I introduced Elder Ruiz and myself and we talked for a little bit and then he started talking really fast. I had no clue what he was talking about. I was lost as all get out in the conversation. I just remember he said he doesn't like going to churches and that he feels its okay to praise God at home. Elder Ruiz talked to him for awhile and out of the blue Elder Ruiz looks at me and stops talking. I have learned quickly that means it is my turn to talk ha. I hate when he does that, but it is so good for me at the same time that I can't be mad at him. He looked at me and José looked at me and I opened my mouth and I testify that the Lord filled my mouth; not with food, and not with water, and not even words. but he filled my mouth with a testimony of the things I know to be true in my heart. I opened my mouth and I don't remember what I said but I do remember that the Spirit was there. When we left and were walking down the road Elder Ruiz turned to me and told me this, "your testimony was power, I could feel the Holy Ghost really strong dude." ha. It was straight up the gift of tongues given to me in the "hour I needed it." I know that the Spirit spoke through me and that was a feeling like no other. Miracles truly do happen.

Testimony builder 2:

We were walking down the road to a member's house in the rain and we had appointments lined up and they all fell through. My companion was a little mad and when he is mad we walk really fast ha. As we walked down an alley we passed a side road where there was a few houses. We passed the road and suddenly I stopped. I didn't know why I stopped but I stopped. I turned around and looked at the corner where this road began and told my companion we needed to clap these houses. So we went up to the first house and no one answers. We go up to the next and the lady talks through the door and will not let us in, but wants to hear the message through the garage door. My companion asks if we can come back when her husband is there so she might feel more comfortable and she tells us she has a church and is okay with where she is at. So this is not going so well as you can see! As we go to knock the next door a man about 23 years old rides up on his bike and we say good night and he asks, "are you the Mormon missionaries?" We answered yes and he said he wanted to talk to us. Two days later we talked to him, we set a baptismal date. Sunday he asked what he has to do to be a part of the church and last night he told us he will do whatever it take to join. I know that Cristo lives I know that he prepares people for the missionaries. I love this work. I love being a missionary!!!

Elder Brown

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