Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday May 18th, 2011


I GOT THE PACKAGE!!!! It finally reached me and I got to share the candy and stuff with Elder Ruiz who was way excited!! I guess none of his other companion´s moms sent him anything and he was so excited!! .. Thanks Mom, you really made his day and I know that he is way grateful for the treats, your the best! .. I am way excited for a few reasons: first the reason is more awesome than anything else!!! .. I don't know if I am allowed to say anything but I have to because I am so excited for him!!.. BLAKE HOPKIN GOT HIS MISSION CALL AND HE IS GOING TOO ....................................................... FORTALEZA, BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. How awesome is that??? I am so excited for him and if you read this Blake, because it will be awhile until you get my letter from Brazil, about a month, I love you and you will tear Brazil up!! Brazil is waiting for young men like you to go out and teach, find, and baptize the world. I love you and know that the Lord´s work is real. He knows his missionaries and he gives them strength beyond comprehension!! .. Goodness I miss you and can't wait until we meet again and speak Portuguese!!! ha. Rapiz!!!! Da hora e paraben para vocé!! Eu te amo e sei que Jesus Cristo vive, e ela nos ama mutio. Ele morreu e suffreu por nossa tristes, dors, afilicoes, e pecados. Meu Salvador me conhece e anda as ruas de Brasil com mim e todos os missionarios em Brasil. Sei que nos temos um profeta hoje em dia, Thomas S. Monson. Ele dirigi e guia a igreja hoje em dia com ajuda de Deus. Para bens novamente e Deus se guarde até nos encontramos de novo!!!
abraço meu cara, Elder Brown .. Salvador, Brasil!! seu vizinho ha.

The other news is sweet miracles that happened this week, besides the miracle of being able to go on a mission, RAPIZ!! ha. Elder Ruiz and I were clapping doors and we were not having any success and it poured on us like Brazil does ha. And after the rain we were both a little on edge. We clapped a house and nothing, another and nothing, and by the way this is really weird for here, and finally I remembered an experience with my Zone Leader in Frisco, and how we had nothing going for us and he stopped me right where I was and said, " We need to pray." So just like that moment 2,000 miles north in Frisco, I stopped Elder Ruiz and said, "We need to pray". We prayed and we went to work again, we came to a house about 5 minutes after the prayer and clapped and contacted the lady and she let us in. Tatiani is her name and she is an awesome lady! She is married and has one little girl. I believe in modern day miracles more and more because as we taught her and her cousins that were with her, her little girl was really fussy. S he is only about Paisley´s age and was having a really hard time. We would teach and she would yell, and the spirit can't really be there if it is being disturbed and chased away and so as Elder Ruiz was teaching I offered a simple prayer that we could have 10 minutes of quiet and invite the spirit!! The moment I said, Amen in my head, the little girl asked for a drink and was quiet for the rest of the time. God is a God of miracles 2 Nephi 28:26 (i think is the scripture) .. I love you all

Elder Brown

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