Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011


Thanks so much for your prayers this week. I really felt them and I know I am blessed beyond measure by our Father in Heaven. I have a story for you this week.. Two missionaries showed up and knocked on a door. They went in and taught and challenged a girl to pray about a very special message that they had for her that day. She didn't pray. When the missionaries returned to find out what had happened this girl was not home, but they had luck and found a different girl in the home that allowed them to share that very same message with her. The missionaries challenged her to Read and Pray about a very special book that they had for her. She Read a little and Prayed a little. When the missionaries returned, she was home and allowed them to come in and teach her a little more about what she had read and prayed about and challenged her for baptism. She accepted but was a little nervous. She went to Church and when she got home she told her family how much she liked the Church that these missionaries took her to. The missionaries returned and she allowed them to come in. That day they taught her a little more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She liked what she heard and invited them to come back, and they did that very same week. The missionaries sang for her and her friends a very special hymn; and her friends laughed at them the whole time they sang. The missionaries returned and taught her and her friends with power. The power of God was in the room and the missionaries knew that everyone felt the Spirit. The young lady´s date for baptism came and went in spite of the missionaries pleas, but the beauty of the event was that she knew that she had received an answer, but just didn´t feel ready. One week later as the missionaries sat at her table she said, "I know I need to be baptized." She accepted that next Tuesday as her date. She was baptized into the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that day... She was later confirmed a member of the Church and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. .. The missionary that baptized her is truly blessed and without a doubt received a confirmation that the things that he is teaching truly do bring more happiness than can be written. As he got into the cold water, after the font overflowed because he forgot to turn it off, and they didn't make a cake so he had to run to buy one, and didn't make a itinerary for the meeting so was whispering what was next to the man conducting; this Elder never could have dreamed for a better and more perfect baptism! Christ lives. He taught the people of this land 2000 years ago, they are the same teachings we are teaching here each and every day. I know that our Heavenly Father gives us blessing after blessing and I love and am so grateful for him. This work is indescribable and I love it.

Elder "Baptizing Brasil" Brown ha.

P.S. Tell Sister Scott that I will be using my white baptisimal pants she hemmed for me a lot more often ;) ..

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