Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24th, 2011


Hey everyone I hope your week was spectacular like mine!! Lots of little miracles happened and I feel really loved by the Lord. I had the opportunity this week to go on a division with the Zone Leader, Elder Morgan, for 2 days. That was way awesome and I learned a ton from him on how to teach different ways and quickly and effectively. He is an awesome elder and way funny! He looks like and reminds me of Jonathan Brower ha. It was like I was reunited with my childhood buddy again!! ha. We taught a little family way far away from the area that will probably get baptized! They have a monkey and I was not using my head and didn´t bring my camera! .. It is a tiny little monkey that was on a rope wrapped about its back two legs kinda like a diaper, and it was way funny!! .. It was jumping around on everything and talking to us! .. Elder Morgan and I got to hold the monkey and it ran up Elder Morgan's arm and was on his head! Soo funny!! If I ever go back I will for sure take pictures! .. Something else way awesome that happened was while we were contacting on our street we passed a car going to make a left turn and right as we passed the car, and I mean we could probably still touch the car, the police roll up in front of the car and jump out. One guy starts yelling, and I didn't know what the heck he was saying, so I kept walking and as I turned around to look at Elder Ruiz I see that he has his gun drawn and is pointing it at Ruiz. In our handbook for missionaries there is a rule that you have a responsibility to protect your companion so I start running and tackle the cop and after that the other cop pulls his gun and Ruiz grabs the gun away from him! I am completely kidding ha. None of that happened haha. Sorry, but for real as we passed the car the police did roll up and jumped out and were yelling at the driver and told him to get out. Just to let you know the police are not like the police in the U.S. They are like way serious and have armor and at least 3 guns on them at all times and look like marines. One of the cops had an assault rifle pointed right at the car. It was nuts!! And awesome! .. the only sad part was that we didn't get to share a message with them before they left!

I'm having a blast and loving it here!! Love you all

Elder Brown

P.S. The Church is TRUE

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