Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10th, 2011

opa boa,

It was great to see you all this week on Skype and to see that you are all doing good. I love you all and miss you a lot. Skype is a wonderful thing! Since I just talked to you I really didn't have anything new or exciting happen, yet! But transfers were great and I stayed with Elder Ruiz. One of the Elders in our apartment left and the other is training so that is pretty exciting for him and a huge opportunity to start someone's mission off right :). Elder Perry, the American, stayed with us so now we will have some more crazy awesome stories and do a little more on P-day. The other Elder had health problem so it was hard for him to do things and so Elder Perry missed out on a lot and we would feel bad so we would stay home. But now since we have a new Elder we will have a little more fun.
It is weird doing the whole new Elder, older Elder thing. I have done it 3 times in my mission already and I don't think I want to anymore ha. It was fun being a new Elder arriving at the MTC, and after 8 weeks you think they should pretty much name a building after you there because of your vast wealth of knowledge you have gained ha. And then you hit the field and realize it is a lot different then you thought and you are the new Elder again and everyone introduces you and everything looks new and you just want to "tear it up" in the field. Then you stay there for a little while and new Elders and Sisters come in and you are not the new one anymore, you are part of the fold now and work just like everyone else. And when you kinda want to stay one more transfer with your new companion that is way awesome and you have started to love him already and started getting used to looking past flaws, then you get your visa. ha. Go to Brazil and know nothing all over again! Show up thinking Portuguese is what you studied every morning in the MTC, but what you really studied from and your knowledge base of speaking is around a 2- year-old; you feel a little humble again! I guess what the Lord is trying to teach and instill in me and I just haven´t been paying attention is to be humble. Humility is so important out here and just as important anywhere. I think that the Lord likes to give you opportunities on the mission to be really humble. Live in a humble place with very humble circumstances. Teach and talk to people who are in the same position as you but have never known more. That thought has humbled me more than anything. We talked to a man who has lived in Dia D`Avila for 25 years and Brazil his whole life. He will never know more than what he has and to him it is "okay." And I remember his smile, and how happy he was. I have blessed beyond measure to have what I have and to have experienced what I have experienced here. I love the Lord and know that he knows me intimately. He is my best friend and I talk to Him all day, Every day. He is there; all you have to do is close your eyes. I know that something happens to a missionary on a mission and I don't know what exactly that is but I do know that when I am obedient and have pure faith when I pray the Lord Lightens the Veil. I can feel him around me and I never want to go back. I love you all .. pray with faith and know He is there.

Lover Elder Brown

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