Friday, April 22, 2011



Hey, thanks for everyone's emails this week. I love you all a ton and miss you a lot. I think about you every time I'm on my knees and pray for you all constantly. This weeks email will be really short because we were scrambling today to get everything done and I only have 12 minutes left for this email! So I will make it quick!! ha.


We clapped a bunch of doors today, but no one let us in. It was the first time that has ever happened here for me and it was kind of weird. To me that is normal, but to Elder Ruiz it was really frustrating because he is used to teaching lesson after lesson. I tried to keep him smiling and we ended up with some possible investigators and some referrals that night so that was really, really good.


I went on splits with another Elder. It was a good learning experience for me; to see how other Elders teach and to see some new teaching techniques that I can apply in my teaching to help explain something better. Elder Oliveira Silvia is his name and teaching is his thang ha. He is one of the Elders I live with so it wasn´t weird to teach with him at all. I need to work on my language though so I can take the gospel to all nations, kindred, TONGUES, and people. I am really grateful for Elder Ruiz´s patience with me. I didn't realize how frustrating it must be to have to explain everything after I just taught it so they can understand it!!


Taught a bunch of lessons and also dates for baptisms!!! We will see how that goes and how many we can get to church. I am way excited for them.


scripture of the day: Matthew 6:33-34
Tomorrow will be a better day. I have gained a small testimony that if you look for the bad in someone you will find bad things, but if you look for the good you will find the good qualities they have. It is all about looking for the good and overlooking the bad, that is to me a part of true charity.


I need to have patience with myself.
Scripture of the day: 2 Nephi 28:30

Love, Elder Brown

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