Sunday, April 3, 2011

Salvador, Brazil ready or not here He comes!

We just received word that Jordan got his visa and will be leaving for Salvador, Brazil on Monday, April 4, 2011. We hope to be able to talk with him prior to his departure. They allow the Elders/Sisters to call their families briefly from the airport and hopefully there will be time for him to be able to make contact with us. I am sure that Jordan is excited to go to Salvador, however it may be a little bittersweet for him. He has grown to love the people and area of Frisco, Texas. He will miss the wonderful people he met there and was able to serve. I so appreciated Elder Russell M. Nelson's conference talk yesterday on Faith. I needed that talk. He counseled us, "Do not let your fears displace your faith." Brazil is a long way from little Plain City, Utah. Mothers worry about their children and I am no exception. I am strenghtened by my testimony that God's holy angels are always on call to assist and protect His missionaries. We are so proud of Jordan and his desire to be an obedient and faithful missionary. He will be such a blessing to his brothers and sisters in Brazil, as they will be a blessing to him. We look forward to hearing of his experiences in Salvador and will post them weekly so that you too can keep up on the happenings of our favorite missionary! We will post his new address as soon as he is settled. He will keep his same email address so please feel free to write often. Missionaries love mail! Thank you so much for all your love and support! Much love, Nancy (Jordan's Mom)

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