Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Bom Dia,

Hey guys I'm still alive! haha.. I'm in Brazil and I love it. It is way different and sooo much fun. It would be a little more fun if I could fully understand what people were saying, but that will come with time and the Spirit. The flight was great and it was amazing to talk to you all on the phone before I left! (sorry Josh and Ashley) I forgot to change my watch from Texas time when I arrived in Miami, so I thought I had more time than I did and I almost missed the flight ha. That would be tragic-wait 5 months to go to Brazil and almost miss the thing that was going to get me there! But I'm here in Brazil. I met the President and he is way awesome. I actually got to have an interview with him one on one and that was great. He gave me so much good advice and what he expects out of me and I'm working on being that kind of missionary and person. Irma Toledo is the bomb as well. She is always smiling and I love it. She was herding us around like little sheep and making sure we were fed and knew all we needed to know. She is straight up fantastic! I met the assistants and a ton of missionaries my first night because they were going to have training the next day. I met about 20 other missionaries and we all slept in the same house. What an experience that was ha. They are all way cool and were very encouraging. One of the assistants is from Hawaii and he worked at the PCC when you (Josh and Jeremy) were there. His last name is Quindara, (I think that is how you spell it). He is way cool and he picked us up and joked around with us a little bit. After our training with the Assistants and the President and his wife I got to meet my trainer, Elder Ruiz. Elder Ruiz is..... Straight Pimpin´ haha. I love him already so much. I didn't know that Brazilians like to joke so much, but he is hilarious and we laugh at pretty much everything. He is from a place called Parana, I think that's how you spell it, and he has been out for about 20 months and is helping me out hecka. He is way, way, way patient with me and I really could not have asked for a better companion then Elder Ruiz. I know that he was for sure an answer to my and your prayers, and I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for the opportunity I have to learn from him and become a better missionary with him. Elder Ruiz has a sweet reputation; he has baptized a ton of people. Guess what? I actually teach lessons here! People let us in and listen and agree with what we are saying. Isn't that an original idea ha. I keep thinking more and more that the time I served in Texas was such a blessing. I am so much more grateful for the opportunity I have now. I love those people in Frisco, Texas, and will miss them all a lot. They were all good people and one day they will receive another knock on the door and accept the truth. I love the members there also. They were the kindest people I have ever met and I really feel like I was part of the ward family and part of their individual families as well. Especially the Adams family; who from the first time I met them showed charity and compassion towards me. I will be forever grateful for all that they provided me with and did for me. It was crazy hard to say good bye to them all but I know Elder Moli and Elder Key will take good care of the family for me :), and I know that they want me to be here in Brazil.

Wednesday (Terca):
I arrived in my area around 7 with a new companion who I didn´t understand, with my bags that broke on the flight ha. and no idea where I was gonna sleep that night. On the way to the area my companion told me, through pretty much sign language and broken English, that we did not have anyone picking us up and he didn´t know where we lived. But then he said, ''But the Lord will help us.'' My companion is a rock, he has faith for days and a testimony that will shake the very gates of hell. He is my hero right now and I will forever look up to him. I know that he is a consecrated missionary. he loves the Lord and will do anything for the people he serves.

Thursday (quinta):
We unpacked and cleaned our room and apartment that we share with another companionship. We live in such a nice place! It has a fridge and a washing machine! And the best part of our area, Dias Dávia is that the water is all pure, it is all mineral water so it is completely safe to drink. After unpacking we contacted, which was way awesome. I decided on the plane over here that I do not have any time for doubts and for going backwards I have to be bold and learn as fast as I can. So I have taken a new look on the mission. Why fear? I am a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, he sends angels to be on my right and my left. I know that I am protected and have no reason to fear or be embarrassed of how I speak because it's what they feel when I say it. In the MTC they told me, " your converts won't remember you or what you talked about in 5 years probably, but they will remember how they felt" I want to engrave on their hearts my testimony of our Savior, which may carry them until one day when they don't need mine because they have their own. Scripture of the Day: Romans 1:16, I might have given you this scripture before, but that is what the Spirit wants me to give you.

Friday (sexta):
We taught some great lessons today, or should I say I stumbled through my part and Elder Ruiz did an amazing job! I am so grateful he gives me an opportunity to speak and teach as well, because it gives me a chance to learn and grow. Elder Ruiz could do the whole thing by himself, but he lets me talk and then explains what I said ha. and then teaches his part. He is a great trainer and I am so grateful for him. Scripture of the Day: Moroni 7:45-46.

I ran out of time so I can't tell you too much more, but know that I am working hard and I am safe and I will baptize! I will take a ton of pictures for you and will do my best. The Lord has finally sent me here to Brazil.


Elder Brown
P.S. My address is the mission home because the mail system is not good here.

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