Tuesday, March 22, 2011

They call him Elder Nestman...


Transfers came and went and Elder Bezona left and Elder Nestman came to good old Frisco. A little about Elder Nestman: he grew up in South Jordan, Utah. He has 6 brothers and sisters. He is a Spanish speaking missionary which is really crazy because we don't really have a ton of Spanish work in Frisco. He has been out for 9 months and this is his second area and transfer being a district leader. He is a super good elder and is excited about the work and I think that we together can find and change lives! Believe me we have been looking! ha. Like Elder Bezona, Elder Nestman has a testimony of knocking doors and we have found some absolutely amazing people who are kind and inviting who are ready for the gospel but they just don't seem to know it yet. As we look and search the more I see that the Lord is really sending down angels to prepare these people.
Alma 13:24
"For behold, angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming in his glory."

I know there are people out here that need the gospel. I know that I can help them understand maybe just one principle of the gospel a little better so they can be more prepared for when they finally let the missionaries in and allow them to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I am so lucky to be here with a great companion who I am excited to get to know better and hopefully gain a great friendship with. And Mom, just want you to know that I am doing what that quote said, "...work, work, work..."

We had a meeting with Robert Mason and Jason Swan. Both are awesome guys who I know can accept the gospel. We just have to get them to want to change their life style a little bit. I love Robert. He is a great man who has gone through a ton with his kids and his wife and the issues there. He used to be a missionary and pastor of a church in Peru and he told us that he was taught to study and know Mormon doctrine better than most members so he would know how to combat it. So Elder Bezona and I gave a look to each other and took a big gulp of air and went for it ha. We taught the restoration completely without one interruption like, "That is blaspheme!" or, "What I know to be true..." and no going off on a 15 minute spiel on what he has been taught and why that is right and we are wrong and totally deter the spirit. He just looked and listened. It was a great lesson and I hope the Spirit will work on his heart.

Transfers! Elder Bezona peaced out and Elder Nestman came! Everyone tells me he is a great elder and I will love him so I am really looking forward to this companionship. We got home and went straight to work and did service for the Christensen's. Sister Christensen has 2 boys and they are not members of the Church like she is. She has been really inactive for years and we really want to get in there and teach and hopefully get Sister Christensen back into activity. She is way nice and said we could come back and sit down and teach sometime, so it looks pretty good right now! The thing I forgot about new companions is that they are new ha. I forgot that everyone is different and does things differently and that is okay. I just was so used to things the way they were and kind of got stuck in a rut. This is really good for me and a great opportunity to be a better companion and missionary. I just need you to send me something really quick: an open mind and heart full of charity! I would really appreciate that, just as soon as you can ha.

We had dinner with a semi less active family who I pretty much love now! The Edmunds, they are so tight and so nice to us! It is sad to see that they are kind of less active and not as strong rooted in the gospel. Brother Edmunds went to Portugal and speaks Portuguese which could be huge for me! What we really want to do is get that fire back in him to go to church and remember how he felt on his mission again! I am going to ask him if I could share the lessons with him in Portuguese and maybe that will spark something, even if it sounds horrific ha.

We had a district meeting today and I got to know some of the other missionaries a ton better. We have a new district and it will be really fun to get to go on exchanges with them and get to teach and learn from them. So if I didn't tell you before there has been a serious game being played between me and some of the other elders in the district. One day I tried to give them a brownie I had gotten from a member. They were being rude and wouldn't take it so I left it in their car. You can imagine what the brownie looked like after a few days and then they put it my backpack. So now it is has escalated quickly to a full fledged brownie war. This "interesting" brownie is being placed in the weirdest and funniest places ever, so if you have any suggestions as to where a good place to hide the brownie would be feel free to tell me ha. P.S. The brownie is in a plastic bag! ha.

Today we had specialized training. This is where all the Elders and Sisters in the area get to come and listen to special training from the President and the Assistants which is really awesome. I learned so much and I love the spirit that I feel when we are all in the room and when the President walks in with Sister Smith. They are great people and I really do look up to them and love them a ton. I got to see Elder Bezona again and I think you love your old companions even more when you are not with them anymore ha. Maybe because you don't see all the crazy weird things that they do and they aren't tired of you anymore either! ha. Scripture of the day: Alma 18:34

So how about that tracking! ha. We tracked for about 6 to 7 hours today and just in case you wanted to know, yes my knuckles are getting calluses on them haha. To tell you the truth I wouldn't want it any other way. I feel like the Lord really strengthens me and helps me get through. The Atonement is an Amazing and beautiful gift that I am so grateful for. It helps me to be better and know that I am not alone. Scripture of the day: Alma 1:25

We knocked after Church until it was time to go in. We knocked into a member and he gave me Raisin Bran! I love our members they are so awesome!!!

Love ya all,

Elder Brown

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