Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"I was filled with the power of God"


It really has been a great week! I feel we have made a ton of progress with our investigators here in Frisco. I am way excited to see what will happen in the next few weeks! Besides the missionary Superbowl coming up (General Conference ha.); Elder Nestman and I can hopefully find, teach, and baptize like we are called to do! I still haven't got my feet wet yet, but I'm trying and we will soon, I pray. I hope you guys are doing awesome. I love you all a bunch and it's good to read your letters throughout the week to see where everyone is at and what is happening. Mom I'm glad you got home safe from St. George and that you have a little break with doing the ice cream jobs and stuff. I hope you wore mittens ha. Please tell the home teachers hi for me and to tell Luke to keep plugging along. Dad I heard you are starting your garden again this year. Are you gonna play the game what neighbor gets the many million zuchinni squash again this year? ha. I love that and admire that you are so giving and you really have charity in your heart. I joke with you but I really do love ya and think your awesome! Ashley and Josh thanks a ton for your letters and encouraging words I like that paisley is doing great at church now and that she is growing up where she needs to be. She says the funniest things and it is helpful to hear about them during the week. Mom told me that you are working different hours now for Knight Transportation. I think that is good now you have more time to rest and do everything else. More basketball I suppose? ha. No, probably more Paisley time! Jeremy and Amanda thanks so much for the package!! It was great and I had no idea it was coming and I was way excited! I've been eating all the good stuff and getting them waves again ha. Christmas always seems better in March for some reason ;). I really like the dog tags too I will keep them forever and remember you guys always.

We had some appointments set up for Monday and some how they got cancelled. That is a new one for missionary work, investigators cancelling, NOT! But something that strengthened my testimon"e"y happened that night anyway. We met and taught Jason an investigator earlier that night. He seems really into it and we invited him to read Moroni 10. He is an awesome guy. He has a baby and a wife. She is a convert of 3 years and she is way excited for him to have the lessons. I do know more then ever if he reads and prays with a sincere heart that he will get answers. There is no maybe. He will get an answer because the message is true and I know the Lord knows Jason and wants him to be a part of his fold. After that lesson we had a referral to go give a blessing. We went to the house and met Andrew, a young man about 18 years old. He had shattered his elbow and split the bones up his arm a few inches so they had to do a huge surgery. He was the one who asked for a blessing so we came and talked to him for a minute and his LA sister and then it was time to give him a blessing. Elder Nestman got up and so did I and we asked Jason who he would like to give the blessing. I was expecting Elder Nestman just because I am the junior, but he looked at me and asked me to perform the blessing. I have never given a blessing before. My mind started racing as to what I should tell this young man to help and heal him. But as I did I felt really nervous and unworthy to perform such a sacred thing, and I didn't know what to do about it so I said a quick prayer in my heart and when I was done I felt the spirit comfort me and brought peace into my heart. I put my hands on his head and I gave him a blessing and I can testify to all that read these words that priesthood blessings are real. I know that having the priesthood is a sacred calling and opportunity and I am incredibly lucky to be able to exercise it. I know as Elder Nestman and I laid our hands on this young man's head and I began to speak that there were 3 people standing in the circle, not just 2 missionaries. I know and I can testify that the words that I spoke were not my own, but were whispered to me by some Heavenly way. I love the Lord and know he cares and knows me. I am lucky to be on a mission.

I went on exchanges with Elder Thatcher (my step-father in the mission) and I love this elder so much! I can honestly say that he has helped me grow so much as a missionary and have the desire to serve the best that I can. I did not stop smiling that whole day and I found that I brought the spirit way strong in my contacts with people as I was happy and smiling. I could testify with conviction and power and I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve as often as I do with Elder Thatcher. I don't know if I told you this but Elder Thatcher has been through a ton to be out here and to stay out here. I know that in the white hand book it says don't ask your family to fast for certain things in the mission field and I diffintely don't want that, but if you could say a prayer for Elder Thatcher and his family I know that it would help him and his family tremendously. Thanks. Scripture of the Day: 2 Nephi 2:25

We had a great day again.We met with a lady named Lisa. She used to be really strong in the church, she was the spokeswomen at Arizona State for the the institute program so if anyone wanted to know about the church pretty much they came to her. But she let doubt and questions about the church creep in and create a wedge. I like how you told me Mom that I can't let Satan turn mole hills into mountains. We can't let doubt and questions stop our testimon"e"ies from growing, they are the most important thing we have. We will try to rekindle hers and help her get over some obstacles in her path as best we can. I'm finding Elder Nestman and I do a lot of things that don't show up on paper. I'm noticing that we talk to a ton of people and we even might get in the door and share what our message is but setting up a reappointment is hard. We teach and testify together and I know the spirit is there and I just want them to recognize it!! ha. I wish the spirit was a shoe sometimes so I could just give everyone a swift kick in the tush and let them know its the truth! But the Lord has it figured out better than I do so I will stick with teaching and testifying. Scripture of the day: Alma 31:38

We ate dinner with a great family, the Mauss's (moss), and after Brother Mauss asked us to share the first lesson with his oldest daughter and son (who will go on a mission in about 2 years). His daughter, Alex, has some pretty big concerns and doesn't come to church very often. She asked us the question, "How can I know if this Church is true?" we talked about the Spirit and how we can recognize it and how the Book of Mormon plays a role in every ones conversion. I find it incredibe that every time I meet someone and talk with them and share my testimony, I really do start to love them. I think that love is a gift from Heavenly Father to help these people, "open their eyes." We will try to talk to her more and bring the Spirit so she can learn to love it. I also think that people feel the Spirit differently so we are going to try to get her to listen to Motab and music that brings the spirit and see if she can feel it through that. Scripture of the day: Alma 26:8

Tracked a ton. Starting to really admire the craftsmanship of doors! ha.

We got to do a primary activity and it was AWESOME!!

We had dinner with the William's family and their little girl, Julia, was telling us Nephi's story and she said when we were talking about Nephi building the boat and telling his brothers to help and that they wanted to throw down with him. Brother Williams says what did Nephi say? Julia responds, "I was filled with the power of God!" in the deepest voice she could muster!! Did I mention she is only 2 years old! haha. She is the coolest and I am gonna try and record it!

amo voces muito!!!

Elder Brown

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