Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7th, 2011

Ola Everyone,

Sorry about last week! The computer we had to use was really slow and not a very good one. It took almost an hour just to print off the letters you all sent to me!! But this week is a little better, we are back at the library and it is just a little easier here. Well, first I would like to say thank you for your birthday wishes last Monday. It was really nice to hear from so many of you. I am so blessed to have family and friends to remember me and love me enough to send a message or treats! Thank you so much!! You don't realize how much missionaries love that stuff until you are a missionary yourself! SO THANK YOU!! I guess I don't feel any different now that I'm out of the teens, but maybe Mom and Dad do because their last boy is not a teenager anymore. Ha-Ha just kidding! I guess I just have a new perspective on my life right now and what is important and what is not so important. I am starting to get a little desensitized to the world. For example the Superbowl this year did not really excite me or the idea of sitting down and watching it with all kinds of food didn't make me feel anything, but the idea that we have a baptism coming up excites me and that we got a new investigator who WANTS us to come and teach him makes my mind do back flips! I guess the world is getting a little fuzzy! (but don't get me wrong if you send me a score or two on how college or NBA basketball is going I wont be offended) ha.
I am so grateful to the Adams Family and for their love and hospitality towards me this first week I have met them! Already they have done so much for me and it is hard to repay them for what they give. I try to tell them thank you every opportunity I get or clean up if I can, but it really doesn't seem like very much compared to what they provide me everyday: a bed, a home, often times food, advice, someone else to talk to, and so many other things on top of that. The Adams are a great family and Elder Bezona and I are lucky to have them and be in their home. Brother Adams works for Dell and travels to all kinds of places for his work, he was born and raised Texan so he likes to throw in the, "Dad-Gum" every once in awhile. (try saying it with a Texas accent and it might make more sense ha.) He is a good man, really funny and will let you know if he doesn't agree or like something. Just stay out of his way and he will treat you awesome! Sister Adams is just as equally interesting. She is from Nicaragua and is a convert to the church. The best way I can describe her is a typical latina woman. She is fun, laughs alot, takes care of us, lets you know how things really are, and is not afraid to be herself. Bold is the word that best describes her but you probably couldn't find a person with a bigger heart than hers. Her favorite little saying is, "Oh My Gato" ha. She makes me laugh all the time and it is good to have them home so Elder Bezona and I don't get so lonely!
So yes Mom, I did lose my wallet, AGAIN! Believe it or not I don't like losing things regardless of how often I seem to do it. I want to say sorry in advance for all the trouble it is probably going to cause and cost you. Know that I love you more and more every time you come to my rescue. The Lord doesn't just bless the missionaries, He blesses there parents check books as well ha. I hope it won't be too expensive to send me all these things, and if it is I'm so sorry!
I am starting to get more comfortable now talking to people about the gospel. The way I'm starting to see it is that I am only bringing them truth. I am not trying to sell anything or make any money I just bring what can benefit someone's life and the lives of their loved ones. I need to work harder and find more people to teach; because I'm really running out of time here in Texas it feels like. The Lord is working in some funny ways, he sends me to a English speaking mission where I know how to speak English but not many want to listen. Then one day he will send me to Brazil where everyone will listen, but I'm going to be a mute ha. Maybe the Lord is telling me, "Be Humble!" I truly have not hit my knees more and prayed with more sincerity than I have here in the mission field. All of these hard experiences will only make the juice sweeter!! ha. I love it out here and I know there is work to be done and who better to do it then a 6 foot brown kid from Utah with the Spirit, nobody!!
I love you all and it was so great to hear your voices on my birthday. I miss you a ton and I want you all to know that I think about you everyday and that you are the ones that help me knock that last door or get out in the 20 degree weather. I pray that you are all safe. I want you to know that I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ today! I love how the Spirit testifies that to me every time I teach or talk to someone and bear testimony. I know that with the knowledge that we have we can find peace and comfort. I know that the Book of Mormon was translated by a prophet of God, his name was Joseph Smith and to him I owe so much. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I come to know him more and more everyday. I pray that we all come closer to our brother Jesus Christ and try to become more like Him each day. In the sacred name of my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ, Amen.

elder brown

(14883 Turnbridge dr. Frisco, Texas 75035)

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